Furthering the wonderful history of news in this diverse community and culture… from the first paper distributed Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun in 1872 and before that, during the Edo period (1603 – 1868), Suzuki Bokushi creating never before seen accounting and tax reforms, right here in Minamiuonuma. He then posted his letters and information all over Japan, this area being one of the first postal towns.

There are many wonderful magazines, papers and pamphlets produced locally, mainly in Japanese… So now, Yukiguni Times…a local English publication proudly presented in the time honoured way…local people showing local ways and customs to English readers who are maybe unfamiliar with the area or those simply interested in what is going on…Please enjoy…"                            Nathan Black

YukiGuni Times page1


Yukiguni Times presents you a Directory of local services and businesses in English, translated by our experienced team.

Our newspaper has short Articles with QR codes linking back to this website.

Open up YukiGuni Times and you find an artistic map of the area, designed to be printed on A3 size. Each edition, the map will change and grow with more information.

Our Mission

To promote activities around Niigata in English.

Our Vision

- To gather information about events and local activities to distribute online and in print.

- To introduce this area to the world in English, in order to increase participation in local activities.


Special thanks to Mayor Hayashi of Minamiuonuma for meeting with us and offering his assistance and support as an Advisor of YukiGuni Times.

Special thanks to Hakkaisan Brewery for having the confidence in our success and helping us by donating to our printing costs for Edition 1.

Thankyou to our team of over 30 people who have happily attended three long meetings and contributed ideas and input in order to get our first edition started.


Pages 2-3 Edition 1, 23 Sept. 2018


Page 4 Edition 1, 23 Sept. 2018


Page 5-8 Edition 1, 23 Sept. 2018

Pick up a copy from the following locations:

Tokamachi Tourist CenterTokamachiTokamachi train stationlink to mapMinamiuonuma City OfficeMinamiuonumaMain building.link to map

Outlets in Niigata Area Location
Muikamachi Tourist Information Centre Muikamachi East exit Muikamachi train station link to map
Shiozawa Roadside Information Centre Shiozawa Highway 17, Shiozawa link to map
Yuzawa Tourism Info centre Yuzawa Inside Echigo-Yuzawa train station link to map
Snow Country Information office Yuzawa West exit Echigo-Yuzawa train station link to map
International University of Japan Urasa 777 Kokusai-cho, Minami Uonuma-shi link to map



Outlets in Tokyo Area Location
Tokyo American Club Tokyo link to map
Tokyo Station Tokyo link to map
Ueno Station Ueno, Tokyo Outside shinkansen ticket office link to map

YukiGuni Times has also been distributed to the following locations:

Fossa Magna museum in Itoigawa, Tourist Center at Itoigawa Station, Tourist Center in Yahiko, Local industry center in Sanjo, members of Niigata Guide-Interpreter Association, Vichy at Muikamachi, Yamato junior high, Ikeda former historical inn at Mitsumata, members of Tenchijin Gaidonokai, Globe Club at Urasa, Bishamon-do, Aeon Muikamachi, Ho’onji temple, Hotel Sakado-jo, Shiozawa Tsumugi Museum, various local schools, Roman Catholic Parish Church in Tokamachi.