Where to Put a Feng Shui Aquarium?

Where to Put a Feng Shui Aquarium?

Well, I’ve been published in quite a few languages so far…now I’ve finally been published in Lithuanian!

“Prie kavos” is one of the most popular Lithuanian magazines,
it’s a bit like ‘Women’s Weekly’ in Australia.

If you don’t read Lithuanian…here’s what they asked me in English:

1. Where is the best place at home to put an aquarium?

In Feng Shui, water represents wealth, and wealth enters our front door, so it is customary to place an aquarium close to the front door, especially for a business. If you go into any good Chinese restaurant you will usually see such an aquarium near the entrance.

For placement of an aquarium at home we must be more intuitive, because water activates wealth. Placing an aquarium near the front door of your home may not be the most practical place, and mostly I have seen them in the lounge room, which we can say is generally a good place for an aquarium, because the lounge room is a yang, active room, and the aquarium, which is also very active, will add more happy yang energy to the room.

To activate wealth in the home using an aquarium, however, is more complicated and requires Feng Shui calculations which change from house to house.

So without knowing where is the ‘wealth’ area of your home, the best thing is to choose a good location that you feel comfortable with and that suits the aquarium, then wait and see what happens. If after placing an aquairum, you feel wealthier or luckier, then you know you put it in the right place! If, however, you feel things are not going so well, then you will need to move the aquarium to another place. If unsure, consult with a qualified Feng Shui practitioner.

2. How much fishes should be in aquarium (even or odd number) and why?

Fish are an important aspect of your aquarium, naturally! Also because they are living creatures that move about and create more activity. So the more fish you have, the better.

There is an old tale that you must put in a certain amount of fish in the aquarium, but this is just a superstition. Basically you can add as many fish as you like, as long as the aquarium is big enough.

…well there you go! Now I hope that was translated correctly lol 🙂


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