Where is the Centre of Your House?

Where is the Centre of Your House?

This week I have a client who is adding a large extension to their home. The extension is under a new roof line and four steps down from the main house.

The bedrooms are all in the main house, and one office. The new extension comprises kitchen and family rooms.

The question before the Flying Stars chart can be calculated, is where is the centre of the house? If it is all one house, then the centre is close to the join between front and rear and one flying stars chart applies to the whole house.

If it is two separate spaces, then the centre will be in the middle of each sector and two charts will apply.

This house will be long and narrow, so the front and the rear qi will dominate. However what to do at the sides? Rooms to the sides of the house also need to be assessed.

From my animated gif you can see how the house can possibly be divided up…this is the conundrum…I wonder which one you think I chose?

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