What is real Feng Shui?

What is real Feng Shui?

It came to my attention this week (once again) that there’s a lot of people out there practising some type of Feng Shui that is purely nonsense and can actually be harmful rather than helpful.

First was the case of a client who had a water star 2 in their loungeroom (this is a type of sha qi – negative energy). The previous consultant’s solution to the problem was to place a rubbish bin in the corner, as they said it would ‘absorb’ or ‘remove’ the bad qi because it is symbolically removing the energy. Well after the client put this in they were still having problems, so I advised them that this so-called ‘cure’ was in fact a harmless plastic rubbish bin that did nothing but sit there…I suggested she actually spend more time in another room of the house with much better energy.

The second was a case where a consultant had advised their client to place certain ‘cures’ around the house based on the Annual Stars (the annual influences). However the consultant neglected to mention the effect these ‘cures’ would have on the existing energies of the house.

You see, there are annual influences which affect a house, but their effect depends on the existing influences; which don’t change, but stay the same always, once a house is built, unless major renovations are carried out. So never apply only the annual cures without first looking at the house energies, as it can be harmful.


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