Update from Jodi

Update from Jodi

In May I embarked on a fantastic lecture tour to Hong Kong, Israel and London. ¬†Travelling is so wonderful as I always learn new things…this time was no exception…


Tin Hau Temple, Hong Kong

I firstly visited Tin Hau Temple to pay my respects to the Goddess of the Sea. I purchased a very large incense coil and added a blessing paper to it, then the temple guardians asked me to light the incense. They hung it up in the temple to burn for up to seven days. Tin Hau will help me on my vast journey across the waters, plus give a blessing to my family. So even after I left HK, it was still sending fragrant smoke up to heaven.

As it turns out my trip was truly awesome, so I have Tin Hau to thank for that!

Afterwards I met with another friend, Jurin who has kindly offered to be my Chinese speaking tour guide, so that when we travel out to HK’s New Territories for my 2015 Feng Shui Tour of Hong Kong to see some amazing old buildings, we will have someone to show us around.

I also visited a client in HK for a consultation and in doing more research, I then caught up with a lovely French lady who runs Feng Shui classes…and ran out of time to meet with another local HK Feng Shui Master…these are both exciting people whom we will meet in HK in 2015.

If you are interested in furthering your Feng Shui knowledge then a visit to Hong Kong is a must – do join me for my Feng Shui Tour of Hong Kong in 2015.

Link to www.fengshuitours.info for info.


photo courtesy Martin Schoeller

My first ever visit to Tel Aviv was a huge success with 20 students attending Module 1 Mian Xiang / Face Reading. Thanks so much to my friend and colleague Marina Shulman for organising a wonderful weekend. Thanks also to my students for enabling me to see the Holy Land for the first time ūüôā

The face reading course gives all the foundational materials to become a proficient face reader. It is an amazing skill and art. I have learnt a lot about people since learning face reading, and been able to help my clients even more by understanding them better.

For instance, one student had discolouration on her nose in her Palace of Health. This indicates she has long-term health issues and back problems, which was true. Another student had a mole above her right eyebrow, not dissimilar to that of Angelina Jolie in the photo to the left. This indicates issues with her mother. Angelina’s left eye in this photo is also lower and smaller than her right eye, indicating she was feeling tired, or physically stressed out at that time.

Whilst in Israel I also visited my cousins for the first time. They live in an amazing vegetarian village called Amirim. What a beautiful environment. My Aunty is the local baker and their restaurant serves the most divine food. I visited my cousins from house to house, one of them is building, four have existing homes and another has a yurt!

So I now have several Feng Shui clients and even more students in Israel..!

I will be back in Israel later to continue with the Mian Xiang classes and also in Australia and Los Angeles in 2015.  If you would like to attend, or like me to visit your city to teach this incredible art, do let me know.


Another exciting leg of my journey was to speak at the Feng Shui Society’s conference in London, 17-18 May 2014.

Over the past four years, as President of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants, I have had numerous opportunities to connect with both the FSS in the UK and the International FS Guild in the USA, as we formed the Global Feng Shui Alliance (www.globalfengshuialliance.com) – an alliance of professional Feng Shui organisations working together to promote high standards in the practice of Feng Shui.

A month or so prior to my trip, I resigned as President of the AFSC, due to professional and family circumstances, yet after four years on the job I feel we have achieved so much to bring our association into alignment with our goals.  (Actually, I am still working with the AFSC in the background a bit longer, and our VP, Master George Bennis has taken over the role of President now).

The London conference was exceptionally well organised and run, with many speakers flying in from OS, like myself, to partake of the conference.

My two topics were:

Forms, Feng Shui & Architecture in China
– a visual array of interesting scenes from my travels in China that helped to deepen my Feng Shui knowledge.

The Feng Shui Water Dragon
– introductory workshop on the many applications of water methods used in Feng Shui to bring wealth.

Fortunately the Feng Shui Society has video footage of my presentation, which is now available online at:

Jodi Brunner Master of Feng Shui

Here’s some links to my other recent additions to the world of cyberspace…

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If you’d like to learn more about how Feng Shui can help you lead a lucky life, don’t hesitate to contact me via https://fengshuimaster.com.au/, I will be running some exciting, new events in 2015.

Best wishes,


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