Three great classes for Feng Shui practitioners and students

Three great classes for Feng Shui practitioners and students

Barcelona, April 22-25, 2010

Jodi Brunner, Master of Feng Shui FSRC presents three fantastic and fun seminars:

Luo Pan Mastery (1 day)
To master Feng Shui, first we must understand the use of the Luo Pan.
Share the secrets of:
How a Luo Pan is constructed
and why it is constructed this way.
Different types of Luo Pan
Using the 24 Mountains ring
Make your own Luo Pan
Case studies
Practical work
All materials supplied.

Practitioner Training (1 day)
Putting together your skills as a practitioner, this module includes practical application of your Feng Shui consultancy:
Feng Shui reports
Dealing with clients
Dealing with professionals in the building, architecture & design fields
Case studies
Site inspections
Practitioner tools
Marketing and selling your business.

Annual Stars Class (2 days)
What makes Feng Shui so fascinating is how it changes in time.
How the annual influences affect the stars
Monthly and daily stars
Building on our knowledge of the Annual Stars we will discuss how they
interact with existing stars in a building, what cures are effective and
what to look out for.
Conducting Annual Stars consultations.
Annual Stars reports.

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Hurry! Class Size is Limited.

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Jodi Brunner
Master of Feng Shui, FSRC

p+613 9662 1011
m+613 408 173 710

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