The Feng Shui of Bernie Madoff’s building

The Feng Shui of Bernie Madoff’s building

I saw this building on the news tonight and had to comment on how unstable such a building is.

Madoff as we know has just been jailed for 150 years for his Ponzi scheme which he operated out of the 17th floor of Manhattan’s Lipstick Building:

I’m not saying that all businesses occupying this building will be unstable, but for such a business where investors are being asked to hand over their money for various schemes that are a ‘sure bet’ they would expect some stability.

So because of the nature of the business, a stable shape is best, not a round shape such as this building, which in this case has seen the money go around and around; that is, investors were paid their dividends out of the income generated by new investors and not from the actual investments they bought into. The principle was never seen again by most, who lost everything.

Secondly, you can see at ground level, the building is being ‘supported’ by narrow columns which give the feeling that the building is standing on ‘tipee toes.’ Another indication of instability.

A bank or investment company should be located in a square building with good, solid foundations into the earth.


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