Thank you so much for this. It’s brilliant!”

E.S. 2019 – Conception to Completion TM Feng Shui Report

I didn’t set up my room until September, but you did the reading in April and I had the cold twice and stomach problems for 6 wks, so from june-sept I was sick and XXX said I better get the room set up and 2 weeks later. After fixing it up i felt great and haven’t been sick since then. I remember you mention about burning candles in last email and I was using them during time I was run down to help me sleep. But just end up with bloated stomach and thought it was due to being run down. So I think feng shui does have an impact in your well being :)”

AD 2016

The Feng Shui seems to be working already as we have implemented all of the changes as of yesterday. And this morning, I have just reserved a Richmond townhouse (for a Chinese buyer) which will give me my second highest commission in 13 years!”

Client, R/E Agent 2016

Thank you so much for the consultation Jodie- yet again, very thorough and interesting. I’ve already moved a few things around.”

Sarah W. 2016

Hi Jodi, You’re amazing!! I can’t wait to meet you in November ( please book at date for me) …Thank you again I’ve been told you’re amazing at what you do.”

Kind Regards, Julie 2016

We have introduced all of the recommendations that you suggested and yes things have been interesting since then. An unusual feeling at times – lots of changes, maybe some disgruntled staff and the air of unease occasionally. We also had an unwanted presence here last week, that a couple of the girls picked up on (and one saw) but has now gone (after we burned some sage). Overall – yes business has continued to grow and prosper and I think when we get the new staff changes in place we will have a more functional workplace.”

Lisa Price

Director of Clinical Services

Beauty Without Boundaries

Hi Jodi, Don’t know if you remember us at PB in Lilydale, but things have been going well for us with the changes you suggested a little less than a year ago now. The turnaround in the business is just amazing after we implemented your suggestions to assist with better Feng Shui. Jodi, To me it was very special that you made the effort to come and see us at such short notice. I am quietly confident that things will work out. I am saving for a home-consultation!”
Maria Brouwers, PB Automation

Yes Improvement in health. Use of different entry and exit points create better energy flow. Money seems to stretch further since placing 3 gold coins in my purse.”

Chris Andreopoulos

We have had our house consultation and found it quite informative and have made some changes and as our lives are stable and comfortable, it has obviously helped. Leigh & I have attended 2 yearly seminars now and finally “got it”.

Jodi has consulted on our last business with colours, placement and we would have 3 years excellent potential and we sold the business just after that period & we are now retired. I would recommend Jodi’s work.”

Leigh and Judy Chapman

My life has turned out better since I am practising Feng Shui.”


Your suggestions were simple and you provided reasons as well as purpose of placement. Your time in my home allowed me to see what was good or not so good. Thanks”


I received your CD and it was SUPER! Very thorough and informative. You’re just the best. There was even extras there I wasn’t expecting. Aren’t you a GEM! Thanks Jodi. P.S I think your gift of the coins is working…LOOKS LIKE that COULD be a reason why we have been SO BUSY AND….Money has been in my bag ever since. SHEESH! Thank you my master Jodi.”


Life has a way of throwing you curve balls! I thought my life was travelling along nicely when a check up from my doctor revealed that I had early stages of Breast Cancer. The medical treatment for this was simple and successful.“However, there was a lot of emotional stuff to sort out along the way. This was the biggest journey of all! I got into action and applied a whole range of strategies to regain my wellbeing. One of these was to have Jodi Brunner undertake an assessment of my environment. Jodi had assessed my home previously and she built on the knowledge outlined in her detailed report to make her suggestions.

There were a number of steps to take but one in particular was the placement of a big, beautiful, Wu Luo in my downstairs office. I painted it bright gold and placed it where I could see it every day. As I gradually recovered, the sight of that big, bold Wu Luo gave me encouragement. It helped me to feel good about my home – where my wellbeing was once again regenerated.

I love learning more and more about this gentle, ancient knowledge and applying it to increase my happiness and health. I particularly appreciate Jodi’s quiet and confident advice.”

Right Words – Perfect Timing!
Phone: 03 9844 3750
Mob: 0419 547 810

Just giving you an update on how things are going for us. As you know after we met in January we had two big contracts we were going for and got both of them, but in the last month we have also picked up 5 kindergartens. The controllers of all the kinders in our area are also looking at giving us up to 240 kinders. We are run off our feet at the moment but things are great. Thanks again for all your help.”


I have always had an interest in Feng Shui – but really knew nothing in order to make changes to my life. I also have the added disadvantage of living with my partner who really isn’t open to things such as Feng Shui. He is happy living day to day and “plodding” along in life. Your consultation Jodi was so much more than I could have expected. The time you spent with me explaining everything, answering questions, making suggestions and the comprehensive report, CD and the plan of my house – have made me feel like my consultation continues – I can turn to these anytime to refresh my memory and answer questions. I am also more confident now to make changes knowing you are there to contact.”


Since moving our bedroom to another room in our house, my husband and I sleep better. We also conceived on our first try in this new sleeping arrangement. Baby due early March!”

Scott and Kelly

Our property was on the market for 12 months but did not sell – after we took Jodi to the block and carried out her recommendations, the property sold almost immediately.”

Audrey and Gregory

I am very happy with the environmental changes made in my home as a result of the Feng Shui consultation…Thank you for your help Jodi!…”


We thought you were fantastic! Our business is doing better since you changed our desk/office area. All the four kids are healthy and happy. We saved money to buy a caravan at Lake Eildon, right on the river. We all love it there. You explained everything so clearly.”

Lisa & Robert

I thought your service was very informative and helpful…I truly thought and learnt so much for myself and business because of you. Thanks.”

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Our house in its original condition was a very sad neglected place. There was no apparent reason for this state of affairs as aesthetically the house was quite grand and appealing…After researching the matter Jodi provided and extremely comprehensive report and made amazing suggestions. As we are in the process of renovating, the changes occur in due course…As the changes have taken place, the house has taken on a completely different feel…It is bright, light and airy and all who visit are full of compliments. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jodi and enlist her many years of experience and professionalism in the field. She has been marvellous in providing a follow up service, which we greatly appreciate. We intend to keep in touch.”

Zuzanna & Shane

…Thank you for your clear, concise ideas on how to improve our work environment. Regards and best wishes.”


Dear Jodi, Your service has been great. We have put in place all or most of your recommendations and our home feels truly wonderful to live in. We are both experiencing peace and relaxation at home and prosperity. We are sure to use Feng Shui again in future to balance out any coming changes to ensure our ongoing peace and prosperity.”

Eleni & Fabian

I implemented every change that Jodi suggested. The biggest impact has been my 11 year old daughter and her attitude to her homework. She works very hard at achieving good results. She also sleeps better now…My business is thriving and I get many comments on how attractive it is to look at! My friends comment on how our home has a ‘great feeling’. We think so too!”


I found Jodi extremely professional and informative. A beautiful caring energy that reflects the business she is in. The combination of these two qualities have given me the confidence to change my environment and since I have experienced more harmony and tranquility within my business along with amazing growth.”


I found Jodi’s consultation to be practical, easy to action and informative. I enjoyed her relaxed yet professional manner.”


Jodi, your services were interesting & informative…..and considering that we knew very little about Feng Shui having an ‘open mind’ allowed us to listen to your ideas & put them into practise. Since then we have noticed subtle changes. In particular our workplace…is now more harmonious & positive. Working in a family business & considering that we spend a great deal of our lives indoors…..this has proven to be very beneficial.”

Afective Formal & Bridal Wear

The service was thorough and Jodi was warm and open to what I wanted to be ‘fixed’ in the flat. The place is warm & inviting as a result of ideas and suggestions.”


Jodi Brunner was a thorough Feng Shui consultant, she set out our report so we understood it, unlike the other person we first got to do a report for us, that we didn’t understand at all. We were happy with her work and the way she set it out! She has good people skills and explains things thoroughly in her report.”


I found Jodi to be very informative and professional…The price was good as I am a new business, money is very tight at the beginning. Thanks for your help, I wish you every success.”

Regards, Lisa Baldwin
Stella Nannies & Au Pairs

We found Jodi’s report on our business to be very helpful and informative. With her suggestions on changing our shop, we find that our business has improved.”

Beth Lawler & Helen Mathewson
Yarram Drapery

High satisfaction. Some difficulty fully understanding all the principles and language of Feng Shui but happy with the process and resulting actions. We are glad that we sought a Feng Shui consultation.”

Name withheld

Well documented, personalised and practical for a family home. Not all cures are in place and I have had some troubles in some aspects of my renovations. Others have gone very smoothly…”


Jodi is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. We really enjoyed the consultation and report. It does make you stop and think about where you are at – as a family, as an individual and in business. The results have brought more harmony to the home…”


Keep doing what you do and provide your passion to your clients. You provide a great service.”


Jodi provides a very practical & readily implementable service. Her background in retailing makes her advice even more valuable. Cost effective. A nice blend of East & West.”

Paul Davies
Brumby’s Carlton

Overall I found your service very good…Thanks Jodi, my health has started to improve. I will be returning to work next month.”


Jodi is an interesting and obviously very well informed Feng Shui expert and is very conscientious about her client’s needs. Thank you Jodi.”

Name Withheld

Jodi is a personable, ethical practitioner who I enjoyed working with.”


Thank you very much for your services. I am sure they have helped change my life very much for the better. I will certainly employ your expertise again in the future.”


Jodi, I don’t think you could improve level of support and quality of service unless you move in with all your clients!!…..Overall, I think your services were extremely professional and well presented and I would not hesitate to recommend you.”


The consultation was definitely worthwhile. I was impressed with Jodi’s professionalism…”

Name Withheld

Your service/consultation made me feel more reassured about the house and things we have done to improve it.”


I am amazed and grateful to find a vast and near immediate improvement in my financial situation, and a new relationship in my life.”


Jodi’s visit gave me an insight into the practises and traditions of Feng Shui. Jodi is interesting, informative and shares her knowledge freely in a friendly and professional manner. I look forward to our next meeting.”


Jodi, you do great work and you are very understanding.”

Name Withheld

Speaking and Tour Groups

Thank you for the great talk at FEW tonight! So inspiring! I am thinking of small ways of improving  my little home office now…”
Sabine 15/07/2016
I am really enjoying the course so much!!  I was a bit apprehensive as to whether it would be right for me as you can’t possibly know until you start.  I’ve be pleasantly surprised that i just want to know more and more!!
I’m sure its normal at this stage for a newbie like me, but I feel a little overwhelmed and I’m not sure how it is all going to come together.  But I’ll just keep putting my head down and trying to consolidate all the lessons etc.!!   I’m going to try to listen to all of the lessons many times over.”
Liz W 2014
(re Feng Shui Professional Course)

Dear Jodi, Just to say thank you again for your presentation and workshop at the FSS Conference. From the feedback we received, attendees were very happy and the weekend was a qreat success. Thank you so much for your contribution that helped to make it all happen so well.”

Sylvia Bennett, Feng Shui Society of the UK Committee 23/05/2014

Thanks Jodi, We all enjoyed the tour.”

Ms Fuller, May 2012

Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Conference, 17 Oct 2008

I enjoyed your presentation at the AAPO Conference recently very much.”

Dawn Niven
Organise Plus

Thank you…i enjoyed your presentation….as always for me regarding Feng Shui, it’s never enough…”

Hi Jodi, I was an attendee at the AAPO conference and loved your presentation. I know little about Feng Shui…and confess I’m not sure I know a lot more now, but was interested in the colour symbolism chart you showed.”

Debbie Smith
Inside Solutions

Hello Jodi Thank you so much for your great intro to Feng Shui, I really learned a lot and know that many clients would interested to learn more. I will keep your details on file for referrals. Feedback on your presentation: loved your relaxed confident style. found the content really easy to understand and the powerpoint photos were hilarious and full of fun and play. nice to see someone who doesn’t take herself or even her craft tooooo seriously and your flexibility and ability to be creative around the principles of Feng Shui are refreshing.”

MaryAnne Bennie BEd MBus

Jodi’s knowledge and they way she was able to impart it was inspiring. I have often wanted to learn more about Feng Shui but never got around to it. The principles that Jodi taught were invaluable and importantly really practical. There are so many things we can do for our environment – whether it is at work or at home that can positively effect our lives and to have access to this in Jodi’s books in particular, will be a wonderful resource. Thank you Jodi.”

Association of Feng Shui Consultants conference, 18 Oct 2008

Dear Jodi, Thank-you for your valuable contribution to the 2008 AFSC Conference.”

Association of Feng Shui Consultants

Your Fate in 2008 at Crown Casino, 9 Feb, 2008

Just a note to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation…

It was warm, enjoyable and informative. I have also read the 5 booklet set and it is very handy and useful. Thank-you for your time and energy,”

Trish McG

I enjoyed the Sunday seminar. I enjoyed the gifts and the booklets, the stand alone format, and the feel good videos too! i was surprised by the overwhelming majority of women in the audience, but speaking to my friend later it seemed understandable – women trying to improve the home etc. thanks and wishing you well for the year”


Hi Jodi, I put into practice what you taught during your seminar and even though my friends were unwell this year, I was fine and happy! Thanks for your great information.”


Just a note to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Crown. It was warm, enjoyable and informative. I have also read the 5 booklet set and it is very handy and useful.”


Jodi spoke at our inaugural networking lunch and gave us some great tips on how to improve productivity and prosperity by the placement in our home offices. The guests really enjoyed Jodi’s presentation and some of them attended her comprehensive workshop later on. Jodi made the seemingly complicated issue of Feng Shui seem simply and easy to bring into our own environments. The feedback from guest was that they wanted to hear more!”


Renegade Management 25/9/2007

I was blown away at the ease, the professionalism and the way you captivated us when you stood up talking! You exuded the stuff that makes the audience want to buy what you got!”


Thank you Jodi for your fascinating talk, Feng Shui Tips for the Garden, this evening. An intriguing topic. Thank you also for contributing to this our 100th year at the Ivanhoe Garden Club – A Century of Growth.”


International Feng Shui Convention, Singapore, Nov 2005

I just attended the International Fengshui Convention in Singapore on 5th & 6th November and would just like to share a little of my experience.

It was quite interesting to have 12 speakers speaking on topics relating to Fengshui, 4P, Date selection and even Qi Men Dun Jia. Of course you can’t learn much in an hour session for each topic but it really broadens your mind and view on the vastness of metaphysical studies.

Also, congratulations to Jodi for putting up a good presentation on Fengshui water methods as one of the speakers in day one.

For those who missed it ……. Too Bad…. 😉 (I think it is also what Jodi feels, haha). I really liked the way she ended her talk with the fortune telling ‘fish’.”

J Lim 7/11/2005

I attended your workshop in Mildura a few months ago. You recommended that I remove my 5 foot fish tank from my bedroom, as I was not sleeping. This was a very difficult task, however the tank has been moved, and I now sleep a lot better.”

Kim Kreuzer

I just had to write to thank you for the marvellous presentation that you gave at this Club’s Fellowship Evening last Friday. We were thrilled to be able to fill the venue and I attribute attendance level to the intriguing title of your talk. As you suggested, we publicised the night as “Putting the Fun into Feng Shui” and now only was our attendance level high but we were pleased to see members attending to have rarely been sighted at any of our previous evening events.

Your talk demonstrated an obvious passion for, and intimate knowledge of, the subject and many attendees commented on the informative and interactive manner in which you introduced us all to the history and mystic principles of Feng Shui. Our President Gordon commented to me that your colourful Asian jacket and the oriental spot prizes that you provided certainly enhanced the night’s theme. I was also most impressed with the professional and composed manner in which you coped with the occasional hiccups of the sound system…..

Many thanks…..for supporting the projects of the Rotary Club of Heidelberg and for making our night one of the most successful fellowship events arranged by our Club.”

Rtn. Neil Wilson
Rotary Club of Heidelberg

The talk certainly got us thinking and has energised the office and caused us to implement changes for the better already.”

Feng Shui Tips for Business
Ray White, Albury

Excellent presentation, very entertaining & informative, enjoyed by all present.”

Introduction to Feng Shui, Flemington Neighbourhood House

On behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Committee, I would like to thank you for presenting such an interesting and enjoyable seminar on the topic of “Feng Shui in the Office.” The combination of history, theory and practical ideas ensured an appreciation of basic Feng Shui principles…..The presentation was well received by the audience….Thank you again for your time and effort.”

Megan Keyes
People & Development Coordinator
Mallesons Stephen Jacques

Thank you…so much…for another successful year for art and design short courses, again…under some very trying circumstances.”

Lorraine Bloy
Short Courses – Art & Design
Chisholm Institute of TAFE

Your expertise as a Feng Shui practitioner and your knowledge of the Melbourne Chinatown precinct will be of enormous benefit to this exciting new project.”

Lindy Joubert
Lecturer in Architecture University of Melbourne
Melbourne Chinatown Revitalisation Project Leader

Thanks for your time in Melbourne a few weeks ago, we were really impressed with your business and sure you’re going to go a long way! The segment we filmed should be going to air in the next few weeks.

Please let us know if/when you have a Sydney trip coz we’d love to do another piece on you, seeing as you’ve been our most popular appearance this year!”

Libby-Jane Charleston
The Small Business Show, Channel 9

Thank you for your presentation to the Manningham Shopping Centre Co-ordinator/Trader Representative network meeting. Your introduction to the concept of feng Shui and discussion of some examples of practical application to the retail setting…..were met with considerable interest by those present. Valued were the tabling of your Feng Shui Tips for Business.”

Roger Collins
Manager Economic and Environmental Planning
Manningham City Council

On behalf of the Bayside Library Service I would like to thank you for your information presentation on Feng Shui at the Brighton Library. Library patrons enjoyed the opportunity to gain some insight into Feng shui and the opportunity to speak with you after the presentation.”

Karyn Siegmann
Diversions Coordinator

Thank you for coming to the Werribee Garden Club to talk on Feng Sui in the garden. I have spoken to several people who really enjoyed your talk and are interested in coming to Chinatown.”

Lori McLean
Werribee Garden Club

Thank you very much for coming to share your knowledge with the Ontos Melbourne group. I’m sure your information will have encouraged a continuing investigation by many of us. I can certainly say that for myself! It must be a very interesting area to work in & lifestyle to pursue.”

Kirsty Low

Firstly let me thank you for the most illuminating address you gave to the members of the Nat. Gallery Soc. of Victoria members last Saturday. I learned much….Many thanks again for your masterly exposition.”

John L Bignell

Thank you for your excellent presentation.”

Members of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC
(November 2000)

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to you for your support and involvement in NETAC ’99.”

NETAC Committee
New Environment Technology Annual Conference

Traditional Feng Shui Workshop 21 & 28 October 2008

Have just returned home to Horsham last night. Thank you for the course, I really enjoyed it. Has left me with lots of questions, wanting to know more & wondering if I will live long enough to have an understanding of Feng Shui completely, it is so complex yet all ties in together at some point.”


Loved it and don’t know why I delayed it for so long. Will begin your other long term course next year.”

Cheers, Tracey 2008

Thank you for a very interesting workshop. I came home last Tuesday night thinking of ways to change our front entrance etc. So I will let you know what happens. My thirst for more knowledge in this area has now grown so I hope to hear of more workshops in the future.”

Regards, Robyn

Enjoyed the class, I can’ believe how quickly the time went. Have discussed it with others and everyone says “you should do my house”, I tell them that it is very complicated, perhaps I should get them to attend your next workshop!”

Thank you Jodi for the course, you gave me plenty to think about and inspiration to learn more.”

Great introduction to a topic we are very interested in. Very happy that we learnt on a personal level – ie. It could be applied outside class and that all personals questions were answered so well and thoroughly. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. Will look forward to the next course.”

Jodi was fantastic. Very approachable, easy going and full of info. Will recommend course to family and friends.”

Jodi was a very pleasant teacher and the course was very interesting. I would like to continue on.”

Very informative and easy to follow. Would like to go further, ie advanced course”


The inspiration”

Thoroughly enjoyed”

Very informative and giving more ideas about Feng Shui cures”

Feng Shui cures and sharing information”

It was a very big subject- this was a good introduction. It was hands on, easy to relate to own circumstances.”

Thankyou for an excellent experience which was a delightful mix of informative information and personal contact.”

Beautiful and excellently organised manual – which makes difficult and broad subject so much easier to absorb and comprehend.”

The workshop was great value. I cam in just a little bit interested and left excited about the possibilities. Thank you Jodi and well done.”

Very comprehensive and well covered and presented. Good fun, although I got a little sleepy when we got to the tiny details of one or two of the houses being presented.”

Loved the lunch, great to have the break, great to look at shops.”

I would be interested in ongoing classes.”

The weekend workshop is an excellent place to start for anyone interested in exploring the field of Feng Shui. The small class size was great in providing the opportunity for participants to benefit from information presented and also to give their own input.”

I was amazed at the intricacies and depth to which Feng Shui delves. The workshop touched on many facets which created an initiation to the whole. At least I can now read books on the subject and understand some of the principles; and my home is now a far more friendly and comfortable environment, Jodi’s vast knowledge and expertise is delivered in a very personal and friendly way.”

Thank you very much. I really enjoyed the whole weekend. I’m looking forward to implementing the things I have learnt at home. I would like to incorporate these principles with my work so more learning is needed!”

I would like to see more courses for different stages of learning Feng Shui (for example Advanced classes down to beginners).”

For an introductory class it covered enough for me to go home and put some things into practice. There is obviously still much more to learn but it has fuelled my interest.”

It gave me an initial knowledge about feng shui……I like it as it is.”

Good basic instruction – would have liked a bit more theory .”

Great info provided for my external interests, other than work……..liked learning something new and interesting…..”

Informative and fun………”

Good group of people in class, friendly interaction with teacher………”

The duration of the course wasn’t long enough. There is so much to learn and it is so interesting that it would be great if there is additional lessons or advanced course in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

An excellent introduction to the basic principles of Feng Shui.”

I liked the small group I felt that each participant received equal and individual attention.”

It was a very satisfying workshop. It clarified things that I had gut-feelings about – like the placement of things in the ‘right’ place or harmony of objects in a house – leading to an overall harmony – which again leads to good feeling. So it was interesting to combine a scientific approach with a gut-feeling and seeing the result.”

Jane K.

Thank you Jodi for your time and I appreciate the fact you taught the course even in light of the fact we were down in numbers.”

Enjoyable and well-presented. Active class participation (especially after lunch) was helpful and I think that this would make it more enjoyable I.e. getting other class members to help give ideas or apply the lessons to each house being presented.”

David C.

The workshop was both informative and enjoyable. It was well paced so that I felt sufficiently challenged and inspired but was also a great deal of fun. The size of the class was small enough for us all to get very personalised attention and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know (briefly) the other students. Jodi obviously is very committed to her subject, is very knowledgeable but is also willing to admit when she does not know the answer. PS thanks for the coin.”

Hilary D.

Very lively and lovely facilitator, thanks Jodi.”

You have a great way of imparting knowledge. You do a really good job. Keep it up you have great passion for your work.”

The workshop was most interesting and exhilarating. I learned a great deal and would be interested in furthering my knowledge of Feng Shui. Thank-you for a wonderful weekend.”

The weekend is very informative and the relaxed atmosphere adds to the learning environment.”

I will have yet to find one presentation, which could compare with your elegantly packaged, brilliantly devised, methodical, thoroughly western and modern presentation of oriental and ancient art of Feng Shui. Your workshop is outstanding, truly year 2000, presentation of millennia old wisdom.”

Janina M., Archicameo Architects

The workshop was a great introduction into the world of Feng Shui. Having access to apply ideas and cures on my own place made it even more valuable. To know more about my personal trigrams gives deeper insight in what is happening and how to improve a specific topic or area. I certainly look forward to deepen my knowledge in Feng shui. Thank you Jodi.”

I did truly enjoy the weekend, along with the company and interesting personalities. Looking forward to the Network Conference, and future workshops.”


I must say that I have enthused over the weekend, how good it was in both content and companionship, with a bit of a mention about the lunches!!!!!!! Hope to hear from all of you and participate in more feng shui”


I really enjoyed the workshop and have provided the feedback to John and students. I recommended for them to do it.”

Helen R., Student Image Group International

I found the workshop to be highly enjoyable and at the same time educational. I felt as if some of the secrets of life were revealed to me and that by working in partnership with the environment around us, I will be able to achieve my heart’s desires.”

Miriam C.

Thank you very much for the workshop on the weekend. The weather stayed fine and allowed for a short walk around China Town looking and learning from the different places there. The afternoon was spent more on theory and gave new and valuable insights into the flying stars and other advanced features. I can’t wait to have another look at the house and see where I can work ‘your special magic’ and bring empowerment through place.”

John G. (21/3/2000)

Dear Jodi, thanks to you again. I found the session very interesting.”

Tess M. (12/4/2001)

Jodi was a very pleasant teacher and the course was very interesting. I would like to continue on. One comment would be if questions from individuals would be at the end of session leaving Jodi to continue with class.”

Very informative and easy to follow. Would like to go further, ie advanced course.”

Thoroughly enjoyed…..Very informative and giving more ideas about Feng Shui cures.”

Excellent work.”

All was very interesting.”

It was a very big subject- this was a good introduction. It was hands on, easy to relate to own circumstances.”