Short article for Real Estate ezine

Short article for Real Estate ezine

Your house represents your personality, therefore first impressions when selling your home are the most important: Are you a collector? Do you like bright colours? Is family important to you? These questions will be answered by a prospective buyer when they walk into your home.
So because we want the house to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, it’s best to remove your personality from the home and give it a generic appeal.
Referring to our questions, remove collections of objects on display, restrict bright colours to a single feature wall or lovely painting or display (in other words don’t have bright colours everywhere) and remove all family photos or images of people, so that prospective buyers can envisage what the house would look like with their own family photos displayed.
When we enter a home we use all our senses to react to the environment: sight, sound, smell, feeling and objects:

    • Sight is what looks appealing and a home that is spacious and light is always appealing.


    • Sound is the noise from the neighbours’ dogs barking, for instance, so play quiet soothing music in the background during inspection.


    • Ensure the house smells fresh, place flowers or other scents around the home, but nothing too overpowering.


    • Objects should be minimised as much as possible.


    • Feeling is intangible, but we all get a certain feeling when we talk into a home and the ideal is to imbue a good feeling into a prospective buyer.


If you follow the instructions above, that should help!

Jodi Brunner


Master of Feng Shui, FSRC


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