Master Jodi has studied with Master Joseph Yu’s Feng Shui Research Centre since 1998 and is qualified in the practices of Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Advanced Feng Shui Water Methods and Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis (Ba Zi). In order to undertake these studies, Jodi travelled to Toronto, Canada several times and invited Master Yu to Australia several times. Other courses were attended online.

Between 2005 and 2010 Jodi undertook studies in Canada, South America, Hong Kong and Europe with a Chinese master in Mian Xiang, the art of face reading.

Before becoming a Master of Feng Shui Jodi was awarded a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Feng Shui and Geomancy in 1995 and a Higher Diploma by Master Joseph Yu in 2002.

In 2011 Jodi completed a Diploma of Retail Management with the Australian Retailer’s Association, which assisted her in customizing ancient Feng Shui principles to modern day retail environments, including her own shop, Feng Shui Cures & Crystals, which she sold in March 2015 after conceptualising and successfully running for 15 years. Her success was created by importing Feng Shui products direct from the factories in China, to which she travelled many times.

In 2015 Jodi purchased a ski lodge and restaurant in Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort, Japan, which was totally renovated to conform to Feng Shui principles. After applying for a business visa, Jodi runs the restaurant over winter during the Japanese ski season.


AIFS&GThe Australian Institute of Feng Shui & Geomancy, Kevin Masman

– Diploma 1995
– Practitioner Certificate Level 1, Mar 1997

FSRC Feng Shui Research Centre, Master Joseph Yu

– Feng Shui Master Class, Melbourne Australia, 1998
– Feng Shui Flying Stars, Melbourne Australia, 1999
– Feng Shui Correspondence course, 1999-2002
– Feng Shui Master Class, Melbourne Australia, 1999
– Four Pillars of Destiny Correspondence course, 2000
– Master Class in Advanced Feng Shui, Oct 2000
– Form and Compass Feng Shui, Oct 2000
– Master Class in Advanced Feng Shui, Nov 2001
– Form and Compass Feng Shui, Nov 2001
– Master Class in 4 Pillars of Destiny, Nov 2001
– Feng Shui Master Class, Melbourne Australia, 2002
– Four Pillars of Destiny, Melbourne Australia, 2002
– Feng Shui Professional Course Modules 1-2, Toronto Canada, Aug 2002
– Water Methods & Xuan Kong Da Gua, Toronto Canada, Aug 2002
– Date Selection, Toronto Canada, Aug 2002
– Higher Diploma certification, 6 Nov 2002
– Feng Shui Professional Course Modules 3-4, Toronto Canada, 11-15 Aug 2003
– Business Feng Shui, Toronto Canada, 15 Aug 2003
– Professional Yijing Divination correspondence course, 2003
– Xuan Kong Da Gua correspondence course, 2003
– Dynamic Xuan Kong, Sydney Australia, 7-9 Feb 2004
– Four Pillars of Destiny, Melbourne Australia, 2004
– Master of Feng Shui, Jan 2005
– Energizing Home & Office, Melbourne Australia, 26 Feb 2005
– Water Methods, Melbourne Australia, 27 Feb –2 Mar 2005
– Four Pillars of Destiny, Toronto Canada, Apr 2007
– Dripping Heaven’s Essence, Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny, Toronto  Canada, Apr 2007
– Feng Shui Enrichment, Toronto Canada, 28-31 Oct 2010
– Four Pillars Enrichment, Toronto Canada, 1-2 Nov 2010
– Da Liu Ren correspondence course, 2013

Feng Shui Research Centre Teacher’s Certificate, 2004-6
– Feng Shui Professional Course Modules 1-4
– Business Feng Shui
– Four Pillars Essentials

.FSRC European College of Feng Shui, Master Howard Choy
– Business Feng Shui for Retail Shops, Melbourne Australia, 11-14 Feb 2012
– Feng Shui Study Tour of China, 6-20 Oct 2012

China Dragon Classical Fengshui China Dragon Classical Fengshui, Tyler J Rowe
– Understanding Qi in the Body, Melbourne Australia, Aug 2012

logo-lotus Lillian Pearl Bridges.
– Face Reading in Chinese Medicine: Facial Diagnosis – The Blueprint of the Body

RAIRoyal Academic Institute.
– Face Reading Professional Course, Melbourne Australia, 23-26 Apr 2005
– Traditional Chinese Architecture Tour, Hong Kong, Dec 2007
– How to Find Your Potential Income in Your Face, Hong Kong, Dec 2007
– Professional Face Reading Level 1, Barcelona Spain, Nov 2008
– Professional Face Reading Level 2, Santiago Chile, Nov 2009
– Face Reading for Health Level 1, Santiago Chile, Nov 2009
– Practical Day for Health, Santiago Chile, Nov 2009
– Professional Face Reading Level 3, Toronto Canada, Nov 2010


logo_fsn2 FENG SHUI network, Founder, Accredited Feng Shui Professional™ (the FSN was integrated into the AFSC in 2010).

FSRC The Australian Office of the International Qualification Assessment Committee of World IChing Hierophants, China.
– Certificate of Appointment

FSRC Association of Feng Shui Consultants (International) Incorporated (AFSC)

– Accredited Feng Shui Consultant
– Professional Member
– 2010-2014 President

Past member & past committee member International Feng Shui Association
Past member Building Biology & Ecology Institute of NZ
Past member Dowsing Society of Victoria
Past member American Society of Dowsers
Past committee member Australian Feng Shui Society
Past founding member Australian Feng Shui & Geomancy Society
Past member Radionics Network
Past member International Feng Shui Guild
Past member GENI Foundation
Past Speaking Member National Speakers Association of Australia
Past committee member National Speakers Association of Australia
Past member International Federation of Professional Speakers

HB Wong Martial Arts Academy Goju Karate-Do
– 8th Kyu 18 Aug 2003
– 7th Kyu 15 Dec 2003
– 6th Kyu 24 Jun 2004
– 5th Kyu Dec 2004
– 4th Kyu Jun 2006
– 3rd Kyu Aug 2011 (brown belt)
– Shodan-ho 30 Jun 2014 (black belt)


Introduction to Association Management, Association Executive Services, 2011

Diploma of Retail Management, Australian Retailers Association, 2011-2012

Melbourne Lord Mayor’s Commendation 2014 – Bronze