Ekera Medical Centre, Box Hill

The client was fortunate to find an excellent location facing south, across the road from Box Hill hospital.

My brief was to assess the building’s entry, main offices and facade to ensure they complied with good Feng Shui design.

The ideal Feng Shui location has a mountain at the back and water, or open space at the front.  This site is the opposite, as it is facing uphill with the valley behind. Yet, it retains excellent Feng Shui because the orientation of the building requires certain parameters to be met, which includes having both a mountain and open space at the front. The ‘red phoenix’ at the front of the building, has open space, and across the road is higher ground and hospital entrance, providing both mountain and water:

The roundabout on the corner of Nelson and Thames is a strong source of qi, in Feng Shui terms this is called a ‘water mouth’ because it is a very active convergence.  When cars slow down and speed up, they activate a type of qi for the site, the water star 4 which is very good for academic, artistic and creative activities:

Black is a good colour to the left (south east) and light blue (a wood colour) is best to the right (north east), so I reversed the colours in the Ekera logo to run along the façade.  The black will help the logo stand out more.

The circles within the screen can be kept, as they form an excellent five element sequence:  metal (round shapes) – water (black colour) – wood (blue/green colour).  Wood is for growth and as this is also the east side, which also represents growth, it is perfect harmony:

The Feng Shui required that the fire element be located at the entrance, so I suggested red in the facade:

The entrance is located in an auspicious area, so a water feature provides a relaxed feeling when entering and enhances prosperity:

This is the concept image at the start of the project, and the finished facade upon completion: