Foodtopia facade redesign.

Project 3


Set in a busy hospital precinct, the restaurant offers an array of Asian fusion cuisine in an up-market cafeteria-style restaurant, incorporating Asian elements with modern design. 

First, was to redesign the facade (image above).

The client hired an interior designer and wanted to check the Feng Shui before completion.

(swipe from centre right/left to see before/after design recommendations below).

Foodtopia – South AustraliaFoodtopia – South Australia

Design modification based on orientation and mathematical Feng Shui calculations:


1. Fish Tank

The client wanted advice on fish tank location.  Placed at the main entry it acts as a barrier called a 'spirit wall,' ‘yingbi’; in Chinese architecture to prevent ill winds entering.  According to Feng Shui the entrance is prosperous; water and movement activates good qi (life force), and there are no 'ill winds' here.  Upon entry, the spirit wall guides patrons to the right; carrying prosperous 'wind' to the counters, to place orders and pre-pay. A red floor guides the way to the coffee station. In summer the bi-fold doors open and coffee benches on castors roll into place.

2. Maximise the wealth sector

An existing doorway facilitates entry from the busy walkway, framed by water fountains flowing down the windows.

3., 4. & 5. Which door is best?

3. The north east/east door is preferred for alfresco dining. 4. Door is blocked off because it brings potentially problematic issues into the building according to Feng Shui calculations. 5. The south east door to the WC's is also locked. Add a golden dragon image, colour, or large golden circle on the wall to prevent disharmony.

6. Catch more customers

Coffee sales window to catch patrons approaching the coffee shop next door.

7. Office

Office door relocation allows larger coffee station and makes office more accessible from kitchen area.

8. Sit in Position of Power

Office management should not sit with their back to the door.

10. & 11. Kitchen

10. Preferred entry point to the kitchen area is also more practical for food service from both kitchens. 11. Kitchen area has an indication of fire hazard. There was no way to modify the location, I recommended earth-coloured floor and walls wherever possible (earth absorbs fire).

This is the finished result in 2014:

Other suggestions:

  • Avoid red colour in alfresco dining area, red/fire in this case is an irritant.  (pictures are black umbrellas and yellow partitions - as suggested).
  • Red/fire is welcome at the main entrance (location of fish tank, pictured).