The best time to seek a Feng Shui consultation is during:

  1. Site selection
  2. Architectural plans analysis
  3. Prior to building completion or renovation

Feng Shui explains what to expect when living or working in a particular space:

  • how to make money
  • where is the best place for health
  • where is the best place to study
  • where to place different departments in a corporation
  • where to place a cash register
  • how to bring out the best performance in your business

Here are a few projects…

Project 1 – A Feng Shui Master’s home

Project 2 – Feng Shui & Health

Project 3 – Foodtopia

Project 4 – Chuan Spa

Project 5 – Feng Shui Shop (download pps)

Project 6 – Hiiragi Restaurant (ext link)

Project 7 – Ekera Medical Centre

Project 8 – FLS Centre, Chinatown (coming soon)