Traditional Feng Shui Workshop Part 2


A Traditional Feng Shui Workshop shows you how to achieve good Feng Shui for your home or business to increase your prosperity, health, relationships, success and luck.


Jodi’s mission is to create ‘Personal Empowerment Through Placement’™ for every person!.

A workshop is a fantastic way to get to know the Feng Shui of your own space.

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Explore what Traditional Feng Shui is all about, how to examine the external environment and using your site map, we’ll learn how these external features affect your home. Also includes your personal best directions, use of a compass, how to attract romance and much more! All this info is free in Master Jodi’s Traditional Feng Shui Workshop video.

For Part 2 of Master Jodi’s Traditional Feng Shui Workshop, watch the entire video and you will be guided on what to prepare for a Feng Shui evaluation using the Flying Stars.

This is a unique way of presenting what Feng Shui is all about; it’s a bit like ‘house astrology.’ It’s fascinating to see how Feng Shui affects us and we’ll share each other’s case studies during Part 2 of the workshop. Be prepared to have fun listening to all the ways Feng Shui has affected your life and others!

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