FSRC Feng Shui Professional Course Modules 1-2


A course suitable for those wishing to become a professional Feng Shui practitioner.


Written by Master Joseph Yu, this course is also for those who are in the building/design industry, for real estate professionals, those wanting to expand their knowledge of Chinese metaphysics and for existing Feng Shui consultants wanting to take their knowledge to a higher level.

NB: Students repeating this class get a 50 percent discount. Please contact Jodi regarding this discount.

(4 days in person or 8 x 3 hours online)

Dates are based on students, when I have enough students I will run the course.

Link through to Flyer.

If you’re looking for a career change, to further your knowledge or to add additional tools to your portfolio join us at the world famous FSRC and study with the Feng Shui Research Centre (Australia).

Potential students are encouraged to find out if Feng Shui is truly a good occupation for you by attending Master Jodi’s Traditional Feng Shui Workshop.

“I am enjoying the course you are a good teacher and I received Module 4 Course materials also thanks. Thank you for your help.”  Best Regards, G

Video interview with students from the FSRC In Toronto:

Feedback from Annual Stars Class (Panama)

What did you like best?

  • “I most like the simple way to learn something that looks simple like the annual stars, but can change a lot of the harmony of a house”.
  • “I learned new things about annual Stars and other things.”
  • “See the influence of annual stars with the house stars.”
  • “Contents, Review, Character of the Master (Jodi) (Friendly, Patience).”
  • “Energy interaction, annuals, visiting, monthly and the things that can be added.”
  • “Practical cases, very interesting to learn easily.”
  • “The different case studies.”
  • “Good explanations, the experience of the presented cases, the topics.”
  • “Clear and simple explanations.

How can we improve?

  • “The floor plan should have the Stars on each palace for a better understanding.”
  • “More information about the different rings of Luo Pan.”
  • “More practical exercises.”
  • “Maybe too much material en a few days.”

Some comments:

  • “About loupan class, I think next time I’ll like to know more about the most important rings.”
  • “It was a pleasure, always interesting, enriching for my studies and myself.”
  • “I think it is interesting to know the different opinions for the stars interpretation and what experience can add.”
  • “Good class. Good review of stars and their relationship. The best: the good mood of Master Jodi. Thank you.”
  • “Excellent!”

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