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Master Joseph Yu once said that the Fei Xing Flying Stars is a,”Superb technique,” and continued that if we know the Flying Stars well, we do not need to use those ‘fancy techniques’ to help our clients.

Students and practitioners of Feng Shui are invited to participate in a series of mentoring sessions.

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I often receive enquiries for my courses from students and Feng Shui enthusiasts who have already attended many classes with other masters.

In doing so, they often become very confused about all the different systems and techniques being used.

Mentor sessions address these issues and provide clarification.

Series 1: Feng Shui Mentoring (3 x 1 hour sessions)
If you know the flying star basics then maybe you just need a little mentoring to bring out your knowledge and formulate your ideas. Together we examine your current training resume, your knowledge and techniques, to make the most of your assets, includes Case Study assessments and assignments with each session.

‘My vision for these sessions is to explore the knowledge of the participant and to make use of their valuable training and skills. Why continue studying until some clarification is achieved?

These are the ‘bringing together the skills, knowledge and marketing sessions.’
– Jodi

Series 2: Business Mentoring (3 x 1 hour sessions)
Ask any questions you like about your business practice, best ways to serve your clientele, best ways to improve and increase your business. Creating a Business and Marketing Plan along the way, includes assessments and assignments with each session.

The cost for Series 1 or Series 2 is $80 per hour in three hour blocks.

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Series 1: Feng Shui Mentoring | Series 2: Business Mentoring

Series 1: Feng Shui Mentoring, Series 2: Business Mentoring