Feng Shui Inspection (purchase assessment)


Planning on buying or renting a home or business premises? Best to check the Feng Shui before you make a decision. Feng Shui can tell you whether it’s worth pursuing or whether it’s better to stop wasting time and find a luckier building that supports health and wealth now and into the future.


Purchasing (or renting) a house, business or land can be an exhilarating and stressful event. Feng Shui ensures your new home will be good for you and your family, or that your new business, building or land will support your commercial enterprise.

Prior to making a decision whether a house is good for you or not, a thorough Feng Shui analysis will tell you whether it is worthwhile pursuing, or whether you should move on and find a better location.

Looking for a new home for Period 9? Master Jodi will inspect the houses that you like on the market and provide a 2-3 page report on each one. You only have until February 2024 to decide!

In order to provide the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time please provide the following info when booking:

  1. Address of the building/land.
  2. Link/URL to sales info about the property (which often includes photos and floor plan).
  3. Floor plan of the building, or site map of the property (or both if available).
  4. Names and dates of birth of intended occupants/staff (not required if you are an existing client) and their occupations.
  5. Age of the building, ie when it was constructed. It only needs to be within a 20-year period, such as 1944-1964, 1964-1984, etc.
  6. Any major renovations can change the ‘age’ of the house. History and approximate date and extent of the renovations.
  7. History of previous occupants, if available.
  8. Name and number of the Agent selling the property.

A Feng Shui Brief will be sent to you outlining the problems and/or benefits of the property for now and into the future. When we change Feng Shui in 2024, Period 9 commences. Now is the time to be considering your future investments in the changing world of Feng Shui.

Many thanks on the Feng Shui purchase assessment, l found it very informative and feel more at peace and happy with results. Thank you once again and for being so prompt given l called last minute. I will be in contact for further assessments in the future.”

Many blessings, D

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

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