Feng Shui Consultation (small business)


The principles of ancient wisdom from China are still utilized worldwide by successful businesses.


How can Feng Shui help small business?

A small business assessment begins with the most important aspect: Site selection. A well chosen site fills a business with the most beneficial, prosperous qi. This will carry through all aspects of the business.

If a site is already established, a Feng Shui assessment discusses how the business can bring in wealth and propose improvements. For instance:

– Customers/clients entering the business bring the qi with them, so a well placed door is important.

– The pathway leading to the premises and the way customers/clients move in and around a business shows what qi they carry with them. this qi will determine how to make money in that premises.

Success in business relies on a number of factors working for you. Feng Shui shows you strategies for success.

Master Jodi spent 15 years in retail with a highly successful shop at the Queen Victoria Market, and so understands how to maximise your retail and marketing potential. Jodi holds a Diploma of Retail Management with the Australian Retailers’ Association.