Feng Shui Consultation (new projects)

Feng Shui from Conception to Completion (TM) is the most comprehensive, accurate and rewarding way to bring health, wealth and happiness to your new home. The service is very detailed and usually involves consulting with architects, builders, surveyors and interior designers.

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Purchasing land and constructing a building can be both an exhilarating and stressful event. There are so many factors to consider. Feng Shui ensures your new home will be good for you and your family, or that your new commercial building will support your business.

There are several steps to your consultation for Feng Shui from Conception to Completion (TM):

1. Site Inspection: There are two important aspects to site selection – location and orientation:

  • Location examines the site and its proximity to the street, other buildings, mountains and water/roads. The importance of the environment cannot be stressed enough. If there are unusual structures (such as water towers, electricity poles, quarries, or monuments), these must be examined with care to ensure there is no sha qi (negative energy) restricting the site’s potential.
  • Orientation refers to the compass direction of the property. The site should have a good orientation that will match with the Feng Shui calculations. In any period of time, some orientations are better than others. This is about matching time and space.
  • These days Google Maps, Compass, Earth and Street View are very useful tools to analyse a site.

2. Evaluation of Plans: You most likely have a plan or an idea of how you would like your new building to look. Even if you have already purchased your land (which is often the case), Feng Shui can design your building so that it matches well with both the location, orientation and the people living or working there.

  • A building that matches well with its location is one level of Feng Shui; if it also matches well with the orientation it’s a higher level; if it also matches well with the people who will live or work there, that is the highest level of Feng Shui.
  • As you work with Master Jodi, you will be asked to present your plans or ideas and through a conversation, the finer details of your vision will be discussed.
  • If you don’t have any plans yet, just a rough sketch, Master Jodi will provide a tailor-made sketch design to present to your architect or draftsperson.
  • If you already have a set of plans, Master Jodi will supply a proposal for any changes/amendments that need to be made and often meets with architects for this purpose.
  • If plans have already been approved by council and you are ready to build, or in the midst of building, there’s still plenty of opportunity to assess the Feng Shui and suggest practical remedies or changes. A common mistake is placement of the meter box outside the wall of the Master Bedroom. Master Jodi has worked on dozens of new homes and this issue comes up quite often.
  • If you are deciding whether to renovate your existing building or purchase/build a new one, Master Jodi can assess your existing property to advise which is the better option: build or renovate. Sometimes, it’s better Feng Shui to keep the existing building instead of starting again from scratch.
  • Planning a major renovation is the best time to check the Feng Shui. Sometimes it’s better to completely renovate, other times it’s better to keep the original design. It all depends on space and time.

3. Review Your Floor Plans: After your plans have been reviewed by your architect or draftsperson, Master Jodi will do a final check to ensure the plans are Feng Shui-correct.

4. Final Report: A detailed final report is sent to you outlining the Feng Shui which includes:

  • Best location for front door, windows, internal doors and pathways. Which doors or windows are better to open or keep closed.
  • What type of qi is located at your front door and how you can use it to make money.
  • What type of qi you carry through the building as you walk from place to place.
  • Where you sleep, sit or work, what type of qi is there and how it affects health, relationships, study, business and other life aspects.
  • Who should sleep or work in which room/office and why.
  • Interior design, furniture placement and colour scheme based on the five elements (may be shown to your Interior Designer to create the decor).
  • Where to place a fish tank or internal water feature.
  • How to design the garden/landscaping including design of driveways, pathways, landscaping and water placement.
  • Where you should park and how to enter the house or business.
  • Brief overview of your Four Pillars of Destiny (bazi) analysis.
  • Date Selection of important events such as ground breaking and moving in.


There are two packages to choose from:

1. Hourly RateFeng Shui Construction Assessment (TM): Depending on the stage of building, a Feng Shui assessment can include some or all of steps 1-4 listed above. Quotations for new projects are on a case-by-case basis, based on an hourly rate.  $198/hour


2. Premium PackageFeng Shui from Conception to Completion (TM): A comprehensive service involving all of steps 1-4 listed above. Time taken: 1-2 years.

$2500 ($500 deposit, progress payments required). Price for single storey residence.


Feedback from one of Master Jodi’s Feng Shui from Conception to Completion TM consultations:

“Thank you for your advice and help.
You are wonderful, beautiful Jodi! All is well.”

Kind regards, C

Like to know more or chat with Master Jodi? Call 0408 173 710 (local call costs within Australia) or send a message.

Are you building or renovating in order to sell your property? A Feng Shui Appraisal is an excellent selling tool, just like a glossy Real Estate brochure.


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