Feng Shui Consultation (commercial)


Feng Shui and the Art of War have been used in Asia for millennia to decode strategies for success.


Sun Tzu said, “Do not oppose an army with their back to the hill.” This statement is directly related to Feng Shui.

Master Jodi specialises in large-scale commercial projects, having worked on retail shopping centre developments, central city office renovations, several aged care facilities, major hotels, day spas and medical suites.

Advice and requirements are varied for these projects and can include:

– Site selection and environmental considerations.
– Strength of entrance and reception areas.
– Location of Manager’s office, Finance Director, and key personnel.
– Location of accounts department and cash registers.
– Implementation of strategies to maximize business potential.
– Resolution of staff issues, often caused by harmful desk and office placement.
– The Position of Power and how it can empower staff to work more efficiently.
– Reduction of sickness and staff lethargy.
– Recommendations are delivered either verbally or a written report on request.
– Ergonomics.
– Motivational and empowering staff seminars with team building exercises.
– Presentation of Feng Shui findings to managers and staff.

When staff understand that management are concerned for their wellbeing, they feel validated and perform at their best.

Commercial projects require deep discussions and further information. Quotations are given based on an hourly rate.