Feng Shui Appraisals


Sell your home by emphasizing the good Feng Shui features.


What would you say if you were selling your property and I could offer you a little Feng Shui assistance to help you sell quicker and easier?

Introducing a service that will show your potential buyers just how good your property really is!

A Feng Shui Appraisal is a double-sided, real estate-ready brochure, pointing out the Key Feng Shui features of the property.

The two-page Feng Shui Appraisal is written with positive language to bring out the best features of the property and includes:

– External features and images;
– Floor plans showing Key Feng Shui Features; and
– Certificate of Appraisal.

To prepare for a Feng Shui Appraisal, supply a floor plan and some real estate-quality photos.

Place your Feng Shui Appraisal and Real Estate brochures together as an incentive for buyers.

Why use a Feng Shui Appraisal?

– Another tool in the sales armament for Real Estate Agents.
– Overcome Feng Shui objections.
– Visual reference to the Key Feng Shui features.
– Satisfy the cultural preferences of potential buyers.

Includes two-page report showing Key Feng Shui Features, plus a Certificate of Appraisal.

Download a Feng Shui Appraisal flyer.