Feng Shui Appraisals


Sell your property by emphasizing the good Feng Shui features.


Are you selling your property and looking for Feng Shui assistance to help you sell quicker and easier?

Introducing a service that will show your potential buyers just how good your property really is!

A Feng Shui Appraisal is a double-sided, real estate-ready brochure, pointing out the Key Feng Shui features of the property.

The two-page Feng Shui Appraisal is written with positive language to bring out the best features of the property and includes:

  • External features and images with comments
  • Floor plans showing Key Feng Shui Features
  • Certificate of Appraisal (t’s & c’s apply)

To prepare for a Feng Shui Appraisal, supply a floor plan and some real estate-quality photos.

Place your Feng Shui Appraisal and Real Estate brochures together during Inspections as an incentive for buyers.

Why use a Feng Shui Appraisal?

  • An important tool in sales for Real Estate Agents.
  • Print out and place your flyers prominently on Inspection/Auction Day.
  • Overcome Feng Shui objections.
  • A visual guide to the Key Feng Shui features.
  • Satisfy the cultural preferences of buyers.
  • You don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert, let Master Jodi do that for you.
  • Sell your property quicker and easier!