Feng Shui Consultation (annual update)


Feng Shui is based not only on the space in which we live or work, but also on the influences of time.


Just as we change, so our Feng Shui also changes.

An Annual Update covers what to do to ensure your good Feng Shui for the year.

The annual stars affect the existing Flying Stars within a building. Every year before the 4th of February, clients are kept informed of the upcoming annual influences. The Feng Shui needs to be assessed, particularly if a clients’ front door or bedroom are located in negative sectors.

An Annual Update discusses these influences of time and assesses the changes and their impact. This is also a good time to discuss how the past year has been Feng Shui-wise. An update will help you prepare to meet the challenges and successes, with personalised advice from Master Jodi.

An Annual Update includes:

– analysis of the client’s existing chart and comparison to the annual influences.
– discussion of how the annual influences affect you;
– specific recommendations which change from place to place;
– specific dates to hold a Qi Activation ceremony.
– useful dates throughout the year to renovate, have a party or dig up the garden.