Face Reading


Our face reveals our fortune, our past, present and future.


Our facial features are unique and every mole, bump and lump, interesting feature, eyebrow, nose, lips, ears, cheeks and chin reveal a lot about the character and personality of a person.

Face Reading (Mian Xiang) diagnoses health, wealth, personality, career, children, present, future and past trends in a person’s life.

Together with the analysis of body shape, type, height and even mannerisms, Face Reading tells an enormous amount about a person.

In the old days, a Face Reading master would live with their client for a length of time to note all aspect of the person, their body language, daily activities and posture, to see into their lives. Then the master would make recommendations on ways to improve certain life aspects.

Send me your photos, first thing in the morning (with no makeup), front and both sides with hair pulled back, not smiling.

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