FSRC Face Reading Modules 1 & 2

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This is a fascinating 2 part course where you will learn the fundamentals of face reading and be able to apply your knowledge to yourself, friends, family, colleagues and clients.


Our face shows our fortune, our past, present and future.

Our facial features are unique and every mole, bump and lump, interesting feature, eyebrow, nose, lips and cheeks and chin reveal a lot about the character and personality of a person.

Face Reading (Mian Xiang) diagnoses health, wealth, personality, career, children, present, future and past trends in a person’s life. Together with the analysis of body shape, type, height and even mannerisms, Face Reading tells an enormous amount about a person.

In the old days, a master would live with their client for a length of time to note all aspect of the person, their body language, daily activities and posture, to see into their lives. The master would also check their Feng Shui, their astrology, and their face, and make recommendations for improvements and comments.

This is a fascinating course where you will learn the fundamentals of how to read the personality, fate and fortune of a person by examining their facial features.

We commence Module 1 Face Reading with a thorough introduction as we learn all the most important basics on how to do a reading – with loads of case studies and personal analysis.

Module 2 Face Reading goes deeper into the subject and includes body type and shape, more on facial features and how the influence of time affects us all – as seen on our face!

Learn how the whole body, including posture, can affect an individual’s luck, more details on shapes of facial features, and how the aspect of time affects the fate and fortune of a person, by examining the 100 Age Map.

Q. What can Face Reading do for me?
– Examine your own face to reveal the patterns in your life and feel good about yourself;
– Adjust your life to be happier, healthier and wealthier.
– Apply this knowledge to family, friends and colleagues to help them to know themselves better;
– Enjoy being in public places and seeing people’s faces in a new way.

Q. What can Face Reading do for my business?
– Read the character of your clients and give personalised feedback;
– Look at the strengths and weaknesses of your clients and advise accordingly;
– Use in place of or including an astrology reading to give you more information about your clients;
– Use your Face Reading skills to make interesting comments when you are chatting to your clients.

Your next class is:
May 31, June 1-2 9am-5pm
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Karma Place
86 Quambone Street

Course includes workbook, certificate, morning and afternoon tea.
We will go for lunch at one of the local restaurants (at your own expense).

What to bring:

1. An A4 sized portrait photograph of your face looking into the camera:

  • taken first thing in the morning
  • no makeup
  • not smiling
  • hair pulled back off your face, behind your ears
  • against a plain background

2. Also profile photos both sides (with the whole ear exposed)

3. Bring a couple of copies of each photo as you will be writing on the pages

4. Lead pencil, eraser and pens of different colours

5. Ruler at least 20cm long

During the course, as we move through each topic, you will have a chance to mark on your photo, the details you learnt about yourself. This is your own reference material.

“Thanks for the Face Reading have been noticing all sorts of things since doing it.  It was excellent. Loved it. ”       Leanne

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