Feng Shui Consultation (residential)


Your consultation includes a written report detailing: analysis of the environment from the google earth site map; description of the destiny analysis based on dates of birth of occupants; descriptions of what to do for each room; marking of important points to consider on your floor plan.


When the Feng Shui is good, it’s easier to have success in every aspect of life including health, wealth and career.

Furthermore, even if the Feng Shui is good in a business, the Feng Shui must also be good at home in order to be successful.

Jodi’s method of consulting stems from her 21+ years of experience; her recommendations are always realistic, focussed and most importantly, practical. Jodi will not recommend unattainable goals for you to achieve, but rather, give you the tools to bring good fortune into your life.

– First of all we discuss any problems and issues.

– Master Jodi will explain how the Feng Shui affects the occupants now, in the past and in the future.

– You will discover what is the qi at your front door and how to use it for wealth creation.

– Beneficial recommendations for health, relationships, fertility, business, study, career and more.

– Colour and decoration based on the 5 Elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

– Invite the things you need into your home and avoid negative situations.

– Special requirements are considered such as extension/renovation plans, whether to keep or sell, or other specific questions.

– If you work from home, the room you use for your business is vitally important for business success.

For your consultation please prepare:

1. Scale floor plan.
2. Construction date of the building within a 20 year period, eg between 1944-1964, or 1964-1984, etc.
3. History of major renovations and previous occupants.
4. Photos inside and out.
5. Dates of birth of occupants.