Feng Shui Consultation (residential)


Your consultation includes:
– analysis of your external environment;
– brief destiny analysis;
– how your Feng Shui affects your life;
– what to do for each room;
– important points to consider marked on your floor plan.

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When your Feng Shui is good, achieve success in every aspect of life.”

Jodi’s method of consulting stems from her 26+ years of experience; her recommendations are realistic, focused and most importantly, practical. Jodi will not recommend unattainable goals for you to achieve, but rather, give you the tools to bring good fortune into your life.

To be a success in business, the Feng Shui must be good at home.”

  • First we discuss any problems and issues.
  • Master Jodi will explain how your Feng Shui affects you now, in the past and in the future.
  • You will discover what is the qi at your front door and how to use it for wealth creation.
  • Beneficial recommendations for health, relationships, fertility, business, study, career and more.
  • Colour and decor based on the 5 Elements.
  • Invite what you need in your life and avoid negative situations.
  • Your questions answered, such as whether to continue with extension/renovation plans, whether to keep or sell, what happens in 2024, or other specific questions.
  • If you work from home, your desk location is vitally important for business success and prosperity.

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