Annual Stars Class


Building on our knowledge of the Annual Stars, this class discusses how they interact with the existing stars in the house, what cures are effective and what to look out for.

(4 x 3 hour classes online)


The best way for a practitioner to keep in touch with clients is to give Annual Updates, in order to check how the Feng Shui is affected by the annual influences. Interpretation of the Annual Stars is quite a skill to be honed.

What makes Feng Shui so fascinating is how it changes in time. Every year’s annual influences affect the stars in our homes and businesses and can trigger certain events. Coupled with monthly and even daily stars, it can give a strong indication of these events taking place.

Our knowledge of the Annual Stars is greatly enhanced by practical application, case studies and various text and quotes from Master Yu and the classics. Using Annual Stars well, will give you an edge over your competitors and a reason to contact your clients every year for an update.

Includes course manual and various case studies.

Annual Stars Class flyer.

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