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Master Jodi, has been a Lecturer for the Feng Shui Research Centre (FSRC Australia), based in Toronto, Canada, since 2002. Over the years Jodi has taught courses in Australia, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Panama, Singapore, Israel, London and several styles of courses online. Live online classes are very popular these days and students are from such varied locations as Australia, USA, France, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, South America, Hawaii and Asia.

FSRC Courses are written by Master Joseph Yu with additional materials compiled and written by Master Jodi.

Some courses are under licence to the FSRC, others are written by Master Jodi, or in collaboration with other FSRC masters.

Master Jodi’s courses are conducted live in the classroom, live online, or on-demand streaming courses.

Students are encouraged to participate and ask questions during or after the class. Course manuals are supplied. Certificates are issued (some courses have tasks to be completed prior to issuance of a certificate).

For students who are members of one of the professional Feng Shui associations, CPD points can be calculated for your membership status.

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