Photos of Master Jodi’s Feng Shui Tours of China




“I benefited from Tour Manual in conjunction with Jodi’s on-site specific Feng Shui flying star / form explanation/discussion, especially HSBC, B of China, Yu Yuan Gardens, Alibaba, two group feng shui consults locations, and others. Professional tour notebook contained more substantial/useful information than I had expected – a big boost the learning process; well done.” Diana Abed

“Thanks Jodi for a fabulous study tour of China and sharing your knowledge of Feng Shui and the country with us. The many places we visited were very beneficial to my Feng Shui journey/studies. I would highly recommend all Feng Shui students/enthusiasts attend one of Jodi’s China tours to enhance their Feng Shui knowledge.” Carol Ramsden

“This is the best part of my life being happy and i love this journey to the end, no worries at the end of tour, everyone has 7 days effect to tired and miss so much to our family, I personally very appreciated with all of the participants that everyone so lovely and being patience , let just remember the best moments we create, just Happy and i wish have the same lovely moments with all of you that i Love for next trip Jodi, to another city.. And I promise don’t bring my heavy luggage next time… But its all best moments surrounding the lovely sisters, i am sorry if there i make some mistakes. Now i am still in Shanghai and i feel home in here… Don’t wanna go home yet. See you next year and i will join again, happy happy happy Come to U nd Me … Love is maybe can the end but compassion always to be next… Thank You Jodi.” Yohan Suyangga

“Thank you for wonderful time we were able to share ! Keep in touch. Om.” Aelita Leto

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“…thank you sincerely for organising, guiding, and sharing your vast knowledge of Feng Shui with us all on what was for me a very exciting time. (We) had a wonderful (time) meeting many new friends and acquaintances and partaking in the day’s tour, amazing new foods and visual opportunities. The gathering was up there with my memorable list of events. Again thank you, take care, and stay in touch. Cheers……..!!”


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“It was something really different for me and to be able to see another country and combine it with my love of Feng Shui was just the perfect holiday for me. And to do it with other like minded people was just fantastic…I had a fantastic time, saw amazing things and met wonderful people.” Diana Cole, France

“Regarding the Accommodation I would stay again, the view was great and you didn’t stay in the apartment much anyway. The massages were great at the end of the day…I loved it!” Anne Watson, Sydney, Feng Shui Tour to Hong Kong, January 14-19, 2010


“Just a short email to thank you for a great Feng Shui discovery tour of Hong Kong”
“Having walked through Hong Kong and having seen it from a birds eye view”

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