Master Jodi’s Feng Shui Design Philosophy

Feng Shui is a stand-alone subject that takes years to comprehend. It works hand in hand with other design principles such as architecture, landscaping and interior design.

The essence of Feng Shui is to take away, rather than add. It is about knowing where to sit, sleep, work; where to put the front door, where to put water, what colour to paint a wall. All else is extraneous. There is no need to add anything.

Every building is unique.

Feng Shui helps to create happiness.

“Good Feng Shui makes life easier.”

June 1, 2007

Time and Space

“Space is the distance between objects, Time is the distance between events. Space and Time equals causation.” Yogi Shanti Feng Shui is the study of […]
September 19, 2007

Annual Star 5 in the North East 2007

Hi All, Yesterday I visited a home that had the NE bedroom destroyed by fire on August 17 this year. The house has solid brick internal […]
October 4, 2007

Health and Conception

A message from my client: Hello Jodi, Hope you are well! I had a quick question regarding our master bedroom which is used by ***** and […]
October 11, 2007

Real Estate Staging

There is a new phenomenon, originating in the US, whereby a house is prepared for sale by a professional person skilled in interior design, real estate […]