Mian Xiang – share this unique knowledge

Mian Xiang – share this unique knowledge



Introducing a skill so new and different!
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Why Mian Xian?
Here’s just one reason why Face Reading is a useful skill:

Last week a friend was visiting and she happened to mention the plumber was coming to her house.  She said that there was a leaky pipe under the house and the plumber was there today.

I asked her about her ears – she looked at me quizzically and asked, “What?  My ears?  Well I do have some unexplainable fluid coming from my right ear.”

I replied, “Where is the plumber looking for the leak?”  She said, “He’s looking under the east side of my house,” I said, “Tell him to start looking under the west side instead.”

Later on, here is her reply…

I forgot to tell you the other day that we had a hole in our copper pipe under the West side of the house !  Yay it’s fixed.”

Mian Xiang can not only tell about your personality, health and luck in past, present and future, it can also tell you about your Feng Shui too!

Join me for this unique workshop – even after Module 1 you’ll be able to walk away and apply Face Reading straight away.

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…addition to post:

My question:  “I’m just curious, how’s your right ear now?”
Answer:  “No problems with my ear now !!”

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