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5 Essential Steps to Feng Shui your Bedroom - The Home magazine

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Wonderful Santiago, the Best Feng Shui  2011
Make Feng Shui Work for You, The Asian Executive, 2010
Year of the Ox 2009, ABC TV
How to win a bet on the Melbourne Cup, Channel 9’s Today Show, 4 Nov 2008
Designs for Harmony by Arun Biswas, Leader newspapers
SBS Radio
Feng Shui Tours of Melbourne’s Chinatown (with celebrity hosts Jennifer Hawkins (Miss World) and Tom Williams), Channel 7’s The Great Outdoors, Sat 17 May 2008 6:30pm
Feng Shui in Docklands and West Melbourne, Melbourne Below, 2008
Stuff, with Wendy Harmer, Episode 3, ABC TV documentary
Info about the show
Because Feng Shui and lucky numbers are the new 'hot' in property Why did the buyer of this home pay more than the asking price?
International Feng Shui Convention press release – Zaobao newspaper, Singapore (in Chinese)
How to dress to kill the Feng Shui way – Singapore Press
Asian Landmark Buildings, Asian Executive, 2007
Feng Shui for Relationships, Australian National Health magazine
The Art of Business; Feng Shui in 2007, The Asian Executive magazine, 2006
Chuan Spa, TV Personality ‘Coxy’ reviews
An Interview with Jodi, Science Manager, 30 May 2005
Feng Shui Tours of Melbourne’s Chinatown, Scottish Passport TV travel show (in Scotland), 2004
Harmony in Melbourne’s Chinatown, What’s On Victoria
Before and after segment, Channel 7’s “Today Tonight”Adelaide (coming soon…)
Good Vibes Bad Vibes, Sunday Herald Sun newspaper, 26 Jun 2005
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Herald Sun newspaper, 4 Apr 2004
Mexican Feng Shui Association, 1 Jul 2004
Shui…Something Doesn’t Feel Right, Herald Sun newspaper
A Question for…Jodi Brunner, The Age newspaper
20 Ways to Use Mirrors in Feng Shui, book review
Interview with Jodi Brunner, The Age newspaper
Feng Shui Tours of Chinatown, The Age Citysearch
Fabulous Feng Shui and how it can drive profits, Australian Gift Guide magazine
Defeating Discord & Dragons, Bendigo Times newspaper, 23 Oct 1999
Ancient art helps business flourish, Herald Sun newspaper
Feng Shui Tours of Melbourne’s Chinatown, interview with ‘Coxy’, 9 Network’s “Postcards”second episode of the series (coming soon…)
The One.Tel collapse: Magic fails to do the trick, Herald Sun newspaper
Finding balance and harmony in life… Doncaster Templestowe News
3AW Garden Show, 11 Nov 1999
ABC radio

Jodi was interviewed twice on the Small Business Show. Her first appearance on 18 Jul, 1999, Jodi was consultant for the website chatline, in which she drew a large audience with over 200 people waiting to ask questions – more than the Foreign Minister of Australia, a week earlier.

Small Business Show Q&A

My Garden / Yang at Heart, Sunday Life Magazine, The Age
Energetic Tour, City Weekly Magazine
Feng Shui at Work: Go with the flow: good energy at work, Cover Story, City Weekly Magazine