Latest news from your Feng Shui Master

Latest news from your Feng Shui Master


It’s Never Too Late for Good Feng Shui!
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It’s Never Too Late for Good Feng Shui!

It’s been a while and I have exciting news…

Some of you will already have heard on the grapevine that I recently sold my wonderful Feng Shui shop at the Queen Victoria Market.  After 15 fantastic years it was time to move on and I feel so blessed to have found two lovely people, Katina Benis and Allan Hamilton to take over the reigns.  Katina, Allan, Nathan and I recently travelled to China together on a buying trip to purchase a container of beautiful Feng Shui goods especially for you!  New stock arrives at the end of May, do keep in touch and visit:

Sometimes life takes us to places we never dreamed of, and at present I’m sitting in my office in Hatsukaishi, Japan, looking out on the wonderful mountains as I write to you.

It doesn’t mean I’m staying here for good!  I’m still Feng Shui consulting, teaching, speaking and listening; answering your questions and generally doing what I love to do as an expert in the field of Feng Shui.

In fact, I have some fabulous upcoming events, please read on…

PS I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support.

My upcoming Feng Shui Tour of Hong Kong and China from 10-18 October will be a blast!!!

I recently travelled to Shanghai to attend a Travel Trade Expo to finalise the preparation for my upcoming Feng Shui Tour…what fun and games!  I was so thrilled to have found a wonderful and very capable contact in China who is going to organise everything for me.  In fact his words were, “Don’t you worry about a thing, I will expertly handle everything for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best!”  What a gem:-)

Of course I still have a lot to do with the organisation and input for the tour, because I want everything to be perrrfect.  This year we’re going to Hong Kong, Shanghai and the spectacular Guilin and Hangzhou, so don’t miss out!  I am in the midst of putting together an expert Tour Manual with info, maps, floorplans, Q&A, lessons and discussions about Feng Shui for our trip.

Plus! All tour participants will receive the brand new version of Master Joseph Yu’s professional Luo Pan with my innovative new design feature.  You thought a Luo Pan could not get any better?  It can!.

Here’s the tour flyer and even before it’s sent out, I have quite a few participants already, so if you’re interested please visit my website or click on the flyer to secure your booking.

Face Reading Modules 1 & 2 coming to Kuala Lumpur, 18, 20-21 & 27-28 June.

FREE Info Night!  Join me in KL for a free insight into the workings of this fascinating art as we explore what face reading can do and how you can benefit from its knowledge.

We commence Module 1 Face Reading with a thorough introduction as we learn all the most important basics on how to do a reading – with loads of case studies and personal analysis.
Module 2 Face Reading goes deeper into the subject and includes body type and shape, more on facial features and how the influence of time affects us all – as seen on our face!

And now for something completely different…

Traditional Feng Shui Workshop Part 2 live online class Tue 14 & Wed 15 July 2015 7-9pm Melbourne time (GMT+10).

My Traditional Feng Shui Workshop Part 1 will shortly be online as a video that tells you all about Feng Shui and how to use it – for free!. Then Part 2 is a live online workshop – with me!

MY Part 1 video has all that you need to know about Feng Shui, different schools, yin and yang for buildings, the five elements, and most importantly how to put together some unique info about your house or business that we will share in Part 2.

Introduction to Flying Stars webinar 12, 19 & 26 August 7-9pm Mebourne tie (GMT+10)

An online Feng Shui webinar series of 3 x 2 hours:-
– What are the Flying Stars?
– Forms and the Stars.
– Sitting and Facing.
– Personalities of the Stars.
– How to calculate a chart.
– Interpreting the chart.
– Star combinations.
– Case Studies.

Flying Stars Feng Shui is a fascinating study of how our lives are affected by the space in which we live and the time in which we live there.

Not for beginners – suitable for those with a prior knowledge of Feng Shui or my Traditional Feng Shui Workshop participants.

Students will be required to submit a report after the class to ensure they grasp the concepts.

“Thanks Jodi, It was a great class. I finally got what I seemed to be missing with all my reading. You explain it so well.”


“The seminars were good. I got a little lost on the charts but it might just be a matter of practice…”


Eric Dowsett
Message from a friend…

Hi Jodi, I’m wondering if you would mind, letting your email folk know about a quickly planned Space Clearing workshop.

Space Clearing – Melbourne – May 2 and 3.
Learn to locate and ‘Clear’ Geo-pathic Stress, ELF EMR and old emotional charge left behind in the environment.
Do the first day or both.
Email for more information,

Wyson Chan
Message from a friend…

Dear Jodi, I am running a special series of courses in Australia.

Zi Wei Feng Shui has never been taught in Australia, I wonder if you could assist to promote it?


visit my site now at

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