Journey to the West Feng Shui Tour 2017 – Discussion and Findings (Pt 3: Chengdu)

Journey to the West Feng Shui Tour 2017 – Discussion and Findings (Pt 3: Chengdu)

On our trip to Sichuan Province in 2017 we enthusiastically studied ancient tales as we paid homage to the famous astrologer, Feng Shui and Qimendunjia master, Zhuge Liang, whose friend Liu Bei and his oath brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were important characters depicted in the historical classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and we visited their temples.
Our visit culminated in Langzhong, the Feng Shui City where we stayed several days. The very likable Master Yohan showed us around. We were most grateful for the opportunity, and as it happens, we were the only foreigners there!
An aerial view of Langzhong Ancient Town, Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China. This photo is taken on Jinping Mountain.  中文:閬中古城照片,拍攝自錦屏山。wikimedia commons
A remarkable Feng Shui museum was our first stop, where we were fortunate to meet three Feng Shui masters. 
The second day in Langzhong we hired a bus to take us to Nine Dragons where we visited another awesome Feng Shui museum, and then the tombs of two famous Feng Shui masters who became famous for writing an extraordinary book of divination called Tu Bei Tu.

Somewhere along the way in Langzhong we read about Nu Hwa and Fu Hsi and how they were actually the parents of modern China because they repopulated China after ‘a great flood’ around 4000 years ago.

The timing is maybe right for the Old Testament of the flood of Moses…but that’s another story!

Bidding farewell to Langzhong we boarded a flight to the exciting city of Hong Kong, home of famous Feng Shui masters! We  spent our first day visiting Wong Tai Sin temple, famous as a place where all you desire can come true. After divining with divination sticks, the resulting paper is taken to the big building housing dozens of small offices of Feng Shui and astrology masters. After picking a master we liked, some of us chose to have a reading to define the meaning of the papers we received.
Then we lunched at a fabulous Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant, followed by a visit to Master Jodi’s client in Kowloon area, attending a consultation in a local high rise apartment complex, and attending a local Feng Shui tour organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.
Our last eventful morning was spent exploring Tai Fu Tai Mansion in the New Territories.
What more appropriate place to travel than to the west in the year of the Rooster?
“A wonderful journey of exploration and discovery.”


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