The Feng Shui of the

Chuan Spa

Langham Hotel Melbourne

by Master Jodi Brunner

Early in 2004 I was approached by a well known international hotel chain to advise on the Feng Shui of their administration offices, gymnasium and newly planned Day Spa.

The Langham Hotel International has launched their first hotel in Australia and the Chuan Spa is the signature spa in a design destined for around the world.

For the opening of the spa I created a Feng Shui fact sheet to issue to VIP's and guests.  Herein are included my comments, plus those I made in my report.

The Brief

In planning Chuan Spa, my brief was to advise on Chinese cultural aspects, in keeping with the theme of harmony and tranquillity.

As a Feng Shui practitioner of course it's my job to understand Chinese culture.  We may call the authentic style of Feng Shui 'Traditional', however it doesn't necessarily mean the environment need be filled with Chinese icons and artefacts to comply with good Feng Shui.

In this case, the brief was clear, so I thought it through and came up with a concept that would be interesting and innovative.

The Concept

In my report I envisaged, “The place where both sexes escaped from the active, yang side of life, to seek respite from the world, was the Chinese garden.”

"The garden was a place of meeting, courting, relaxation, music and poetry, art and culture…there were scenic areas at every turn…to create an atmosphere of tranquillity for contemplation and inspiration."

What better environment then, to recreate an idyllic garden setting for a modern Day Spa with Chinese influence.

The Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a most intriguing and involved art requiring many years of study.  So too, in traditional Feng Shui a compass, or Luo Pan, is an integral part of the calculation to measure the Earth’s magnetic field at any given place.

Then, a mathematical formula calculates the Feng Shui; to situate the site most favourably in the right place at the right time.

Every twenty years the Feng Shui changes.  As from the 4th of February 2004, we moved into a new 20 year cycle, known as Period 8.

Chuan Spa is a business within a business.  Therefore it was taken as an individual cell within the building; and as renovations were extensive, totally changing the original Gymnasium/pool area, it changed to Period 8.

Facing southeast (Hai sitting/Si facing), here's the chart:


1 8


5 3


3 1


2 9


9 7


7 5


6 4


4 2


8 6



This is a fortunate Wang Shan Wang Shui chart, the prominent water star 8 is at the facing and the mountain star 8 at the sitting.  This is an ideal chart so already this business has a great start as it's very hard to find such good Period 8 charts in our linear north-south-east-west cities.

Here's the floorplan:

Chuan Spa Entrance

The idea of Feng Shui is to create an environment whereby the best qi can enter a building, bringing abundance, prosperity, luck and good timing (known as Sheng Qi, or ‘Birth Energy’).  As such, the entrance to Chuan Spa now has the most auspicious Qi (life force energy) for Period 8.

When people walk (carrying the ‘Feng = Wind’) towards the entrance, on the pathway (the ‘Shui = water’), they are entering a world of harmony, peace and security and carry with them the most prosperous water star 8.

Moon Gate

The first element is the moon gate, a portal between the two worlds.  Once stepping through the moon gate, one enters another dimension in time and space, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

In my report, the moon gate is likened to those in many Chinese gardens, akin for instance to that of the Chinese Garden in Sydney:


     Water Features

Two prominent water features, one under the stairs leading to the Gymnasium and the other in the waiting area, are both very well placed for abundance and prosperity, just sitting there will infuse visitors with good Qi.

Water represents wealth and it also supports health as moving water generates negative ions which stimulate our immune system.  Just as if we were visiting the beach or the ocean, or a waterfall, moving water can bring peace and harmony and if well placed - wealth into a business.

Between the two water features is a curved path, suggested to emulate the tranquil flow of a river.  In my fact sheet I urged visitors, "As you walk this path, be mindful of the Qi you carry on the wind; this type is what we call in Feng Shui a ‘Perfect Husband and Wife relationship’, a metaphor for matching yin and yang."

For the Feng Shui adepts this is a coming together of the auspicious water stars 8 and 9 along the pathway.

I originally recommended a flowing water feature, like a river flowing from one star to another, however as this was not possible, the meandering path was created in the flooring to give the impression of a flowing river.

Waiting Area

At the end of the pathway, prior to the entrance to the spa area is a lovely seating area with the second water feature.

This seating arrangement shares the mountain stars 2 and 8.  The circular shape is that of metal, the colour is that of fire.  The fire enhances the 8 and the metal curbs the nature of the 2 mountain star, thereby negating its influence; in addition the 8 is there to tell the 2 to 'behave.'


The idea of a Day Spa with Chinese influence brings to mind opulent vases, bamboo, dim lighting and hand carved partitions.  Another important element is calligraphy to quieten the mind.

I recommended the spa be adorned with calligraphy representing male and female, heaven, spirit, touch, dreaming and the 5 Elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood (integral components of a Feng Shui analysis); these giving the idea of a change of mood from room to room.

Also of interest are the curious 3-lined figures, known as Trigrams (or Gua) adorning treatment room walls.  Derived from the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, the Yijing (or I Ching), there are 8 Trigrams in total, each representing different directions, elements, personalities and numerous other traits; forming the Ba Gua (‘Eight Gua’) used in Feng Shui.  For instance, the Trigram Kan for water is in the hydrotherapy room and elsewhere, the trigram Dui  representing the Lake and joyousness.  I suggested use of these symbols and they were assigned to the rooms by a Hong Kong consultant.

Wealth and water

In the original design for the spa, I moved the changing rooms’ WC’s away from the most auspicious area of the spa so that water flushing away did not also drain away the good Qi.  This is the sector where the Male WC and Disabled WC were originally located.

Upon entering the Day Spa zone, the original floor plan showed the toilet facing the door which was also very inauspicious.  This was since moved out of the centre of the southeast sector.

As I duly noted, any room with water or usage of water is good in the southeast but preferably not toilets or showers.

The Emperor's Qi

Then, to keep the Emperor’s Qi happy in the south area - which includes the Female Lockers and Saunas - golden yellow was suggested.  This is the emperor’s area and he loves yellow to pacify his unpredictable nature.

A golden yellow wallpaper with small floral motifs was chosen, which succeeded in creating a most beautiful area.


Not much could be done to move the swimming pool or Spa/Hydro pool, however as they’re situated in a great place for romance and love; I advised visitors, "What better than to take your loved one for a treatment and then relax in the spa with a glass of champers afterwards!"

VIP Room

A special room has been set aside for VIP treatments.  This room happens to be in the northeast area, which by looking at the Feng Shui chart, we can tell the is the area for health, wellbeing and is also designated as 'rich and famous.'  An ideal location, I suggest.


Whilst wandering the passages of Chuan Spa, consider that there are four major elements in a Chinese Garden: water, rock, plants and architecture.  The first three can be found quite easily; and then be mindful of the fact that architecture surrounds us, this is the ‘man’ part of the equation, expressing our synchronicity with nature.

Opening Ceremony

An auspicious date was chosen for the official opening of the Chuan Spa.  Over 120 guests, media and VIP's were invited to attend.

I was asked to perform an opening ceremony, so I prepared a tribute to heaven, earth and the sea and asked chef to prepare food for all the guests based on this theme (it was interesting what he came up with!).

We all rang bells and welcomed the new energies to emerge and then I proceeded throughout the spa accompanied by the General Manager Katie Benson and VIP Antonia Kidman (actor Nicole's Kidman's sister and a famous personality in her own right in Australia).  The event was MC'd by Suzie Wilkes, whom I must say is a most vibrant and vivacious person.

"I hope you enjoyed your visit to Chuan Spa, if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ask me."

Master Jodi Brunner

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Jodi Brunner holds a Master of Feng Shui and a Higher Diploma in Traditional Feng Shui with Master Joseph Yu, Feng Shui Research Center, Canada.  She is primarily a Feng Shui practitioner and trainer, also an accredited speaking member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and the founder of the FENG SHUI network.  Contact Jodi on +613 9662 1011 or visit her website for more info.

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