Is There Damage to Your ‘Travel Palace?’

Is There Damage to Your ‘Travel Palace?’

With all the lockdowns and restrictions to our travel happening these past two years, we can expect to see certain people with damage to their ‘Travel Palace.

On our face we have several ‘regions’ representing different aspects of life, for example:

FSRC Face Reading Modules 1 & 2

Our Travel Palace is located right at the top of our face, along our hairline…

My friend Farmer Kev has a very high hairline, so he’s very smart (in fact he’s a millionnaire!). Either side of the hairline is his travel palace. Does that mean he travels alot? Well yes…he’s a farmer and he drives around his vast hundreds of acres property every day!

This girl’s hairline makes an inverted u-shape and there’s a slight lifting up of the hair to the left of her cat’s ear. This is her Travel Palace.

So if you find anything detrimental in that area that has come up recently (such as  mole, freckle, mark of any sort or redness, scratch, indentation etc. etc.) then this shows you are physically and/or emotionally affected by our LACK OF TRAVEL!!!

The more serious the ‘damage’, the more likely it to be a concern over financial, health or social (eg family) reasons for travel and the inability to fulfil commitments. Of course other features of the face will tell the full story as to what is going on…

Fortunately, I have a large Travel Palace, and during the pandemic have travelled around interstate (Australia) and overseas several times (more about that in another blog!).

So look after your Travel Palace because we are still facing these kinds of restrictions in future, and best wishes to you,

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