How to Find the Compass Directions

  1. Draw a Floor Plan – Use a tape measure, or pace the length and width of the rooms and draw a rough floor plan.
  2. Find the Directions – Standing in the centre, note on the floor plan where is east (where the sun rises) and where is west (where the sun sets). Turn to face east, north is to your left and south is to your right. You can also use a compass to check. Stand outside, somewhere along the front (away from any metal as this upsets the compass). Face towards the house. Note on the plan where you are standing. Rotate your compass dial so the needle aligns with north. Mark on your floor plan the direction of north:

  3. Using Your Floor Plan – Use a pencil to draw a dotted line from the centre out towards the north. Each of the compass directions takes up 45 degrees, so north (360/0 degrees) will have 22.5 degrees to the left and 22.5 degrees to the right of the dotted line. Draw two lines through the centre and approximately along these 22.5 degree lines and out the other side. Draw another two lines to mark east and west (see below):
  4. Note the Directions – On your floor plan mark all eight compass directions. You can see from the floor plan above what to do.
  5. You’re Ready! – You can now start analysing your house. Check the Annual Stars and the Monthly Stars posters and follow the instructions, applying the remedies and suggestions needed to each area to keep your house lucky this year!

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