Our History

Hiiragi was built by the Takeda Family, and was a lovingly cared-for restaurant for over 15 years. Then, 10 years ago, the restaurant closed and was left vacant until 2015.

Jodi and Nathan first noticed Hiiragi was vacant in 2012. They were passing Yuzawa Shoji Real Estate in April 2015 and surprisingly discovered the restaurant was for sale!hiiragi_2012

After careful thought, they decided to purchase the property, move here from Australia and renovate it.

On the day of the sale, all parties were present and Mrs Takeda and her daughter (an Architect who designed the house) had a delightful conversation with Jodi & Nathan. Mrs Takeda recalled how she remembered Jodi playing in the snow near her house when she was young (during her visits to her father’s ski lodge nearby). Mrs Takeda went on to say how delighted she was that Jodi and Nathan were purchasing the property and looking after it.

In the week prior to the sale of the restaurant, Mrs Takeda’s son suddenly passed away. So the sale of the property was a bittersweet occasion for her. During the renovation, Jodi and Nathan found many photos from the previous owners. We pay homage to Mr Takeda and his son here:

takeda_fatherMr. Takeda Snr pointing to the new building site. Notice no Twin Towers in the background. takedaMr. Takeda Jnr enjoying a snowy day (circa 1980’s).

In 2022 due to complications caused by the pandemic, Hiiragi was closed and the building sold and returned to a private lodge.

Jodi returned to Australia and Nathan retired in Bali.

Hiiragi has searched for another premises for years, and is pleased to announce Hiiragi’s International Lodge for Backpackers will be open for Fujirock and the the winter snow season 2024 – 2025.

See info on Hiiragi’s International Lodge for Backpackers here.