Feng Shui (Fu Sui)

With help from carpenter and Project Manager Ryo, the building was transformed to a new, fresh and wonderful place to be. Here’s what changes occurred:

The building faces northeast and according to Feng Shui (in Japanese, Fu Sui), this is a very good direction for now and into the future. For those of you who are familiar with Feng Shui, the building was originally a Period 6 building and has now been changed to a Period 8 building. The new chart is a Fu Mu San Ban Gua chart (Three Parents Trigrams). This is so because in each palace of the chart are the three numbers from each of the three periods (ie 147, 258, 369):

To ensure receiving good Feng Shui, it was necessary to change the period of the house to the Period 8 chart.

The front door was relocated to the east (the water star 9).  For the original building, the front door was in the northeast, so firstly, it had to be moved:

The entrance (in Japanese “genkan”) was originally a double-entry airlock to prevent the cold winds entering in winter.  In the renovation the genkan was removed and will be replaced by a clear glass genkan in the east of the building shortly.

The bar was originally separated from the kitchen by a solid wall, and a tiny door linked them together. The kitchen area is the strongest wealth and success qi so we wanted to ensure it reaches other areas of the building.  We moved the large glasses cabinet and cut a huge hole between the bar and the kitchen area. Now it is a servery too:


Before the ‘hole’ for the original front door was closed up, there was many things to do, including lifting into place a gigantic, heavy oven and griller with three gas burners. The only way to get the oven inside was through this opening. Now it has been closed off, there’s no way to remove the oven! Then the oven had to be lifted over the bar (above) and in through the new opening into the kitchen.

The kitchen was also totally renovated, as you can see below it was in need of refurbishment and we were happy to comply:

In fact in order to change the age of the building, it was important to change, restore and renovate every room. Here are the washbasins: