About Us

Jodi and Nathan love Japan and decided to move from Melbourne, Australia in 2015, to open a restaurant in the beautiful ski resort of Ishiuchi Maruyama.

Jodi is a Fu Sui (Feng Shui) Master and Nathan loves his food.

For 6 winter seasons we welcomed guests to join us for a delicious lunch or dinner, snack, cake or a coffee at our restaurant on the ski slopes.

“We have made many wonderful friends in Japan, thank you All for spending time at Hiiragi Restaurant.”

Thank You to our wonderful staff:

Chef Nathan Black:

Maitre-D’ Jodi Brunner:

Sous Chef Valentin Bourgeois:

Head Waitress Yuki Takasugi:

Sous Chef Graham Marzocco


Chef Louis Wooding:


Thank You Supa Gaijin for your annual event:

Thank You Dennis for your guitar.

Thank You customers!