Health and Conception

Health and Conception

A message from my client:
Hello Jodi,

Hope you are well! I had a quick question regarding our master bedroom which is used by ***** and me. We have tried our best to get the wallpaper with colours and patterns you have suggested. After the installation of the wallpaper, ***** and I have moved in there and for some reason, she has been keeping unwell with something or the other always disturbing her health, in fact we are contemplating on moving back to the adjacent room as early as this weekend.

What could be the cause behind this? Is there something that you can explain? And what are your suggestions? I will send you a photo of the wall this evening if that helps in anyway.

I look forward to your reply

Reply from Jodi:
Unfortunately this was to be expected as the room doesn’t have the good health energy. When I do the calculation, it’s very objective, it is not my ‘intuition’ or some other ‘sensing’ that I have that tells me the wall has that sort of energy. It’s a mathematical formula I use to calculate what type of energy is there.

When I saw the calculation, I presumed it was not good for health, as I’ve seen this before.

That’s why I suggested the golden colours for the wallpaper, the idea being to remove the strong earth energy by using metal. In the five element theory, metal is the ‘son’ of earth, so thereby should do the trick.

It would be helpful to see the wall, just to check what colour actually went on. Also, I would recommend a pair of wu luo (see my site at for details) – one for each side of the bed.

Now, also, Feng Shui for your house always stays the same (unless extensive renovation) and also, every year there are annual influences, which we discussed earlier this year. In the NE, which is your other bedroom, is some sickness energy too.

In fact, I think I recall I did give you a wu luo when I came?

Let me see a photo first…and also what type of unwell it is? stomach, woman’s problems, headache, cold/flu?

Reply from client:
***** has been faced with stomach, eye and gynaecolgical problems in the recent months and last weekend, had a mild slip disc within 6 months. She’s never been a sickly person but it seems like she has been since we moved to this house.

I am attaching pictures of the wallpaper. Hopefully it gives you an idea about the colors and patterns.

Also, could you please advise if this room is good for conception?

Reply from Jodi:
Oh dear that’s not good. I think you will be better off in your original bedroom, as the wallpaper you’ve chosen is perfect.

That’s the best we can expect from this room, that it doesn’t bring you illness. A pair of Wu luo, one on either side of the bed for each of you is the recommended cure but is not infallible.

It is not the best place in the house for conception and I think we discussed when I was there earlier this year, that the loungeroom is best for such ‘activity.’ (lol)

Best wishes,


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