Get your Feng Shui update!

Get your Feng Shui update!

Plan Your 20-20 Vision

for the Year of the Rat.

Dear Clients,

We’re about to start the second decade of the twenty-first century. What is your vision? Are you ready?

Prepare for the next year with a Feng Shui Annual Update for your building.

As of February 4 2020, Annual star 5 goes to the east and annual star 2 goes to the south. These are areas to look out for. What do you have here? Is it a front door? A bedroom?

You’re welcome to download my free Feng Shui charts for 2020 from my website.

If you’d like more detailed information specifically for your building, book a 2020 Annual Update by calling/SMS me on 0408 173 710 or email

Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year,

Have a lucky day!

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