Changing the Age of a Building

Changing the Age of a Building

As we approach Period 9 it’s time to discuss what it means in terms of your renovation plans and how this will affect your Feng Shui.

When a building is constructed it takes on the age in which it was built, this is like the ‘birthdate’ of the house. There’s 9 Periods totaling 180 years, they are:

Upper Cycle

February 4th 1864 – February 3rd 1884      Period 1

February 4th 1884 – February 4th 1904      Period 2

February 5th 1904 – February 4th 1924      Period 3

Middle Cycle

February 5th 1924 – February 4th 1944      Period 4

February 5th 1944 – February 4th 1964      Period 5

February 5th 1964 – February  3rd 1984     Period 6

Lower Cycle

February 4th 1984 – February 3rd 2004      Period 7

February 4th 2004 – February 3rd 2024      Period 8

February 4th 2024 – February 3rd 2044      Period 9

So when your house is built, it will remain the same age unless there is a total renovation to ‘rebirth’ the house.

The age of a house, coupled with the direction in which it faces is the data required to draw up a ‘chart’ for the house using the Flying Stars (Fei Xing) method:

So how and why would you need to change the age of a house? In different Periods, the ‘ruling star’ changes. For instance in Period 8, star 8 is the ruler (Ling Xing). That means in the star chart, the location of star 8 in your house is paramount to achieving good Feng Shui.

If the water star 8 is located in a yang room and if the mountain star 8 is located in a yin room; and the external forms (mountains and water) also support these locations, then you can achieve the best Feng Shui. If not, then either the house or how you use it, should be modified.

If in Period 8, the star 8 is not located in a good place, then the Feng Shui setting is ruined, it’s a simple as that.

So as we approach Period 9 we need to consider whether the current chart for your house will also support the star 9 in a few years time. If not there’s really only two options: renovate, or sell.

Renovating now will change the age of your house to a Period 8 house (because we are still in Period 8 until 2024). Or, it may be more beneficial to wait until Period 9 and then do the renovation after the start of Period 9, making the house a Period 9 house. That will depend on the direction the house faces and the internal and external layout (or ‘forms’).

So, cutting to the chase, how to change the age of a house?

You need to change heaven, earth and people:

Change Heaven

In the ‘cosmic trinity’, heaven represents time, the sky, wind. So during the course of the renovation the house should be kept open so that the wind and light can enter every day (and if possible, night too).

There are some who say that the centre of the house must be opened up (ie a hole cut in the roof and ceiling).

If this were the case, how would we be able to change the age of a two-storey house, or an apartment? In my 24+ years of experience, I have found several cases where the house underwent a total renovation and the before/after effect changed the lives of the people living there.

Change Earth

Renovate all parts of the house, including:

  • remove carpets
  • remove curtains and window dressings
  • change bathrooms
  • change kitchen
  • repaint or wallpaper all the walls
  • remove or repaint cupboards and wardrobes

…in other words, change the ‘earth’. The extent to which you need to do this depends on the house.

Here is an example:

Change People

People carry qi so must also be removed from the house for at least a month, including all the furniture in the house. In some instances I have seen clients put all the furniture in one room and move out. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t.

How can I tell? If the house hasn’t changed age during a renovation, then the people’s lives will still be the same as they were before.

If on the other hand the renovation successfully changes the age of the house, then under my guidance, the health, wealth and luck of the occupants improves.

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