Answer to blogs from Joseph Yu and Howard Choy

Answer to blogs from Joseph Yu and Howard Choy

Hi Joseph and Howard,

Most Traditional Feng Shui practitioners will agree that using Feng Shui ‘cures’ is only a psychological remedy.

However I would add that it is not ‘merely’ a case of psychology.  After all we are dealing with people so psychology is an extremely important part of our work – it is intrinsically linked to our client.  So often, we have to deal with people and their problems, particularly in residential Feng Shui. Psychology is of course about the people.

My theory is that the cures originated from someplace where there is a limit to what can be done Feng Shui-wise because a) the people cannot afford major Feng Shui adjustments and/or b) there is a limit to what can be done Feng Shui-wise (eg there is nothing that can be done for a bad fs situation, the front door can’t be moved, etc etc).

Therefore the Feng Shui master feels they should offer some sort of remedy to the maladies affecting their clients, so they offer the Feng Shui cures.  This makes the client feel better, which is an important ingredient, albeit not a permanent solution.

However the cures can become a problem when there they turn from being a psychological cure to becoming a ‘cult’ whereby they must be used in order to achieve good Feng Shui.  As you say Joseph, people have the choice how to use the qi in the house available to them, depending on what they want in their lives.

If people knew how important Feng Shui was, then they would seek a proper Feng Shui consultation with a consultant who can tell them what type of qi they have in the house, who would ask them what they are looking for in their lives and then give them proper advice.

However people are still at a point of needing convincing that Feng Shui works, so they would often rather spend a few dollars on a ‘cure’ than a few hundred on a consultation.  This will change eventually, with education.  In a way that is a shame, because there is room in the Feng Shui world for cures that can give a motivational reason for clients to keep on track in their lives, so to speak.

We can say that Ba Zi is for heaven luck, Feng Shui is earth luck and the Feng Shui cures are for man luck.

Best wishes,


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