Annual Star 5 in the North East 2007

Annual Star 5 in the North East 2007

Hi All,

Yesterday I visited a home that had the NE bedroom destroyed by fire on August 17 this year. The house has solid brick internal walls so the fire didn’t spread and destroy the whole house.

The Period 4 Gui facing house has this chart:

731 385 513
622 849 167
276 494 958

Apparently there was an ENORMOUS amount of clutter in the house (thankfully I didn’t get to see it). In the bedroom of the fire there were two cats living permanently (a rather sad thing to do) and they were suspected to have caused the fire – and perished in it.

Upon first glance at the chart I wondered, why in particular, fire was the cause of the devastation.

I’ve seen a lot of sickness in North East bedrooms this year with the Annual Star 5 there and in this case with the Mountain Star 2 it should be more pronounced.

The lady didn’t sleep much (1-2 hours per night) and her partner took most of the illness himself.

Also, when the Mountain Star 2 combines with the Time Star 7 we get the hetu fire combination, and together with the Annual Star 5 in the ne…(a recipe for disaster!)

Plus the monthly star 5, coupled with the Annual Star 2 in the central palace, and the monthly star 9 coupled with the water star 5 in the south palace…(their main entry door) – it seemed destiny was to bring misfortune last month!

The couple and the lady’s parents are now living in a hotel and the entire house is being renovated – just as well, as they also had water star 5 at the back door (in the south) and never used the front door. So hopefully some better luck will come to them with their new renovation!

Would you like your house checked to avoid misfortune?

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