Jodi Brunner is a pioneer in the Feng Shui industry who discovered Feng Shui in the early 90's. Jodi has assisted an extensive list of clients with the design, construction, organization and styling of their homes, businesses, and offices, for large and small projects in Australia and internationally.

Over the years Jodi has been involved in every aspect of the Feng Shui industry as a consultant, author, speaker, teacher, retail Feng Shui shop owner and Feng Shui tour operator in Melbourne and China and is recognized as a leader in her field. Master Jodi was the President of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants 2010-2014, founder of the FENG SHUI network 1998-2008 and co-founder of the Global Feng Shui Alliance.

In 2005, after ten years applying her skills and knowledge in the industry, Jodi was bestowed the title of Master of Feng Shui by the renowned Feng Shui expert and founder of the Feng Shui Research Centre, Master Joseph Yu.

Jodi has shared her enthusiasm and expertise through print media, radio interviews and many television appearances. Having regularly written for Wellbeing Magazine and Easy Feng Shui Magazine, and for Feng Shui Magazines in Russia, Lithuania and the UK, the Asian Executive, and various other publications, Jodi is also an international speaker at numerous conferences, and has conducted courses in such diverse locations as Australia, Los Angeles, Panama, Canada, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Israel, London and online.


As a recognized authority on the subject of Feng Shui, Master Jodi teaches the world-class Feng Shui Professional Course on behalf of the Feng Shui Research Centre and has also written her own courses to enhance the professional training. Master Jodi has also authored a compact, easy-to-follow compendium of books comprising:

- Feng Shui Tips for the Environment
- Feng Shui Tips for the Home
- Feng Shui Tips for Business
- Feng Shui Tips for the Garden
- 20 Ways to Use Mirrors in Feng Shui

Jodi is the only authorised distributor of Master Joseph Yu’s Luo Pan, a Chinese magnetic compass, which determines the orientation of a building and is also a Feng Shui calculator. With contributions from her colleagues at the Feng Shui Research Centre, Jodi has authored an accompanying book, History, Use and Care of Your Feng Shui Luo Pan.

More recently, Jodi has created an original design which will re-invent the Luo Pan; it is currently under production.
In 2014 Jodi received the Lord Mayor’s commendation for having been in business and contributing to the City of Melbourne’s vibrant business community for 15 years.