The best time to seek a Feng Shui consultation is during:

  1. Site selection
  2. Architectural plans analysis
  3. Prior to building completion or renovation

Feng Shui is also useful if you want to know what to expect when living or working in a particular space:

  • how to make money
  • where is the best place for health
  • where is the best place to study
  • where to place different departments in a corporation
  • where to place a cash register

Here are a few projects…

Project 1 – A Feng Shui Master’s home

Project 2 – Feng Shui & Health

Project 3 – Foodtopia

Project 4 – Chuan Spa

Project 5 – Feng Shui Shop

Project 6 – Hiiragi Restaurant

Project 7 – Ekera Medical Centre