Shi Gan Dang


Shi Gan Dang Protective Creature


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This Shigandang 石敢當 is a representative of the earth qi that protects people from harm. The characters 石敢當 are often carved into large pieces of solid stone and placed in locations where there is sha qi (negative energy) such as busy intersections, or dangerous roads with cliffs, or to protect a village. They are also placed at river banks or ponds in order to collect sheng qi (the best energy), to gather positive energy and ward off evil spirits.

The most powerful are the Shigandang from Mt Tai 泰山石敢當.

When placed at the front door or in the window of your home facing outwards, this unusual creature provides auspicious protection.

May also be placed in the W-NW in 2018 to protect against the Tai Sui (Year of the Dog direction: 277.5degrees – 307.5degrees).

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