Qian Long Coin for Lian Zheng Star


The Qian Long 乾隆帝 auspicious coin protects against the power of Lian Zheng, Star 5 in Feng Shui.


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Emperor Qian Long 乾隆帝, whose name means “Lasting Eminence”, was the second longest serving emperor in Chinese history. Serving the country for 61 years, he was also the oldest emperor in Chinese history, living until 87 years of age. As a capable and cultured ruler inheriting a thriving empire, during his long reign the Qing Empire reached its most splendid and prosperous, boasting a large population and economy, and was a great patron of the arts, amassing a huge collection of Chinese artworks and antiquities.

This high quality 乾隆帝 coin, together with the emperor’s yellow colour, protects against Star 5.

Star 5 is the ’emperor’ and a symbol of the dragon, but it can also bring misfortune if not treated carefully.

The Chinese characters on the front read ‘Qian Long Tong Bao’. 乾隆 = Qianlong, 6th emperor of the Qing dynasty (Manchu) 1736-1795. Right to left: 通寶 = Tong bao, means currency.

The pattern on the back is called ‘Dragon Clouds,’ ‘Long Yun’ 龍雲.

Place directly in the North for the Annual Star 5 in 2018, or anywhere Star 5 is located in your home or business.

Download Master Jodi’s 2018 Annual Stars Chart for more info:

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3 for $30