‘GR8’ Feng Shui Tour of China 2018


Master Jodi’s ‘GR8 Feng Shui Tour of China 2018 is a celebration of her eighth tour of China!

From 12 – 22 October 2018 we will embark on another exciting and educational Feng Shui Tour of China…mark your diary now and join us!

($800 deposit secures your place on the tour at the earlybird price. Full payment due by 1 July 2018)


15-26 October 2018

To commemorate the 20 Year Anniversary of the founding of the Feng Shui Research Center by Master Joseph Yu, Master Jodi returns to Langzhong Ancient Feng Shui City in Sichuan Province, China, to further explore this amazing town, with no less than three Feng Shui museums. Join us on Master Jodi’s ‘GR8 Feng Shui Tour of China 2018!’

During the week we will spend time in class studying Master Joseph Yu’s Dynamic Xuan Kong course as we review what we know about the Flying Stars and learn many new techniques to enhance our knowledge.

In between class sessions we will explore the amazing city of Langzhong with its traditional grid-like shopping streets and special themed museums, and travel to the rural outskirts of the town to visit a Feng Shui museum built as a temple in the cradle of the Five Dragons Mountain area where two famous Feng Shui masters are buried. These are places of significant Feng Shui interest.

At the end of the tour you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Dynamic Xuan Kong Course plus a second Certificate of Attendance for coming on Master Jodi’s eighth tour of China.

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“Join me in 2018 on this wonderful journey of exploration and discovery.”

Optional 3 days (23-26 October) in Hong Kong after to study Master Joseph Yu’s Business Feng Shui course, and explore HK’s Central district, examining the buildings discussed in the course materials in detail.

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“I liked many things about Jodi’s tour, including: Many hours of formal lecture time (mornings/hotel & on bus) utilizing easy-to-follow notebook . . . up to the last minute of the tour! Good pace & well-planned route = a lot of feng shui learning in a short time. High calibre participants. Master Jodi Feng Shui tours attracts both newer Feng Shui students and also long-time, international professionals with advanced Feng Shui knowledge (e.g., MBAs; PhDs/Architecture; multi-faceted/multi-lingual businessmen/businesswomen). Experienced Master Teacher and local tour organizers helped keep our bodies and
belongings safe.” Diana Abed, 2015 & 2016

“Most favourite were the old villages and how Feng Shui was applied in ancient China. I likeed the tour and can’t fault anything…you went beyond your means to accommodate those who were not happy with Yingtan Village Accommodation and that shows compassion for others and professionalism as a tour guide.” Tina Curro, 2016

“I really appreciated the comprehensiveness of the whole experience. We didn’t just visit significant sites pertaining to feng shui, we also studied them before and after the visit. The feng shui classes were a bonus for me. I also really enjoyed the immersion experience of staying in hotels in the area, eating local food, and spending lots of time at significant sites. We didn’t just get off the bus and move quickly through each place. We spent time in each place. It was way more than I expected, and I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into every detail of the trip.” Nancy Canestaro, 2016 & 2017

“I am so happy accomplishing China Tour 2016 another experience we had in China. So much to reflect upon and share in the future with my clients and friends. Thank you for your extensive knowledge, support and fun. I really enjoyed the tour and time we had together. I am looking forward to next year adventure.” Aelita Leto 2015, 2016 & 2017


In 2017 our journey took us from Guangzhou, to Guilin, to Sichuan Province, then finished in Hong Kong. 20-30 September, and 1 – 2 October 2017.

Please see links at the bottom for an overview of the places we visited and the exciting things we saw.

Master Jodi’s tour is designed for a smaller group so we can gain access to towns and villages inaccessible to larger buses; spaces are definitely limited and taken on a first-come-first-served basis. You will not see one other foreigner outside of our group in the town of Langzhong…but this won’t last! Our China travel organiser tells us that Langzhong has become extremely popular with the local Chinese tourists in the past twelve months, so we will visit AFTER the hectic China National Day holidays (October 1).

Price includes all transportation, accommodation and most meals within China, plus a course workbook, tour workbook and Feng Shui tools. Price does not include airfares/travel costs from your home to China. An extensive document outlining all details is available below, please fill out and return this application form:


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Deposit due 30 April, 2017, Earlybird price balance due 6 June, 2017, Earlybird single room due 6 June, 2017, Full price total due 30 June 2017, Full price single room total due 30 June 2017, Optional Hong Kong extra 2 days