Castle Gate and Water Star 5

Castle Gate and Water Star 5

I’ve been working on a new home (a mansion really) for a client which will take a couple of years to be built.  It’s facing Zi/North2 and the Castle Gate is in the NW, coupled with the Water Star 5.

In my plan I decided to play it safe and moved their front door out of the nw and into the west sector by pushing it back a couple of metres – just in case, as the water star 5 can bring lots of ups and downs and unpredictable things, especially if at the front door.

The plans have been approved and the land is now being prepared.

They’ve moved out into a rental with the same Flying Stars chart!  Funny thing is (well, not for them), that the house has similar configuration except the door is squarely in Qian/NW2 sector.  I was concerned but said it may be fine because the Castle Gate was there.

Anyway within 3 days of moving in, they’ve had a car accident and two problems she didn’t want to discuss…She said she’s now bought a chiming clock…

So, does the supposed auspicious Castle Gate override the Water Star 5?  I think not!

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